TMM Information Centre- Khang Hung Tan

Check out today’s project, a quick look at an information center, designed by Khang, in Malaysia.  Built to allow the communication with nature, the building shelters a courtyard, filled with trees, and natural bird habitats.

STUDENT: Khang Hung Tan
SCHOOL: Faculty of Design and Architecture, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
YEAR: 2007

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Black Tower – Konrad Basan

Today we are coming at you with a compelling parametric thesis by Konrad Basan that delves into the realm of today’s modern algorithmic and parametric design mythologies.  The “Black Tower’s” design is not only technologically driven, but the imagery of his final thesis book shows amazing craft and is so graphically intriguing.  Truly a thesis book we would love to get our hands on at F+!  Make sure to check out the rest of Konrad’s work after the jump!

SCHOOL: Politechnika Sląska Wydział Architektury
STUDENTS: Konrad Basan
YEAR: 2012
COURSE: Thesis

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DIY – Koji Kakiuchi

We taking a small step in a different direction today on F+ and showcasing a project where the “student” was the owner of this small home in Kyoto, Japan.  Where the architect designed the renovations for this home, the builder was the owner who had no architectural or building background.  A real DIY with the assistance of architect giving you the how too!  Check it out!

ARCHITECT: Koji Kakiuchi
DESIGN FIRM:  Koji Kakiuchi / Yaomitsu Designing Department 
LOCATION: Kyoto, Japan
YEAR: 2011

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FIVE FELLOWS – Young Architects Buy Detroit Home

We’re heading back to Detroit today, for another UM Taubman School project.  This one was a shot at revitalizing a dead home.  The students bought a house, more like a box, for $500, and created multiple interventions within the home.  Each one seeks to create a unique moment within the home.  Take a look!

SCHOOL: U. of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
FELLOWS: Meredith MillerThomas MoranRosalyne ShiehCatie NewellEllie Abrons
COURSE: Five Fellows – Architecture Fellows design and research work
YEAR: 2009 – 2010

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Detroit Installation- University of Michigan

Check out this small installation on the facade of an old store in Detroit.  Created from metal triangles, the facade maintains security of the space within, while at the same time allowing natural light to penetrate.  This is a great project, and a pretty great way to draw attention to an area at a smaller local scale.

SCHOOL: Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning ( U of Michigan)
  Anand Amin, Andrew Aulerich, Lauren Bebry, Ashley Goe, Tarlton Long,  Justin Mast, Andrew McCarthy, Matt Nickel, Kurt Schleicher, Andrew Stern, Lauren Vasey, Ning Wang, and Brenna Williams
PROFESSORS: Catie Newell, Maciej Kaczynski.

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Menomonee Valley Park Pavilion – University of Wisconsin

Today F+ is bringing it state side with Menomonee Valley Park Pavilion by the University of Wisconsin students, and Professor Kyle Talbott.  The project was first conceived for the second bi-annual Marcus Prize, however beyond the prize the pavilion fostered a great design, construction, and green design element few studios can really accomplish.  Not only is that it a permanent fixture and great addition for the local community.  Check it out!

SCHOOL: University of Wisconsin SOA
PROFESSOR: Kyle Talbott 
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Marcus Prize –  design/ build studio

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Fresco Recortable : Cut-Out Fresco – Rosie McLaren

We are kicking off the week heading back to the University of Westminster with a project that we came across this weekend by Rosie McLaren.  As architects we are always told to look at the past to design for the future, or in some cases show no regard to the past and design however you want, like Ghery, because he is a boss.  However in the world of art one must learn how to copy the techniques of old to be able to understand their style, and Rosie has designed an academy that will in fact deconstruct the trompe l’œil fresco.   Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Westminster
STUDENT: Rosie McLaren
PROFESSORS: Jeanne Sillett and Mark Rintoul
YEAR: 2011

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si(gh)te lines – LETICIA WOUK ALMINO

Sometimes it comes down to the simple design and a play on an old idea for a truly rich design approach.  Leticia Almino basic design for the project reminds us of the covered bridges scattered throughout the New England hillsides, however her approach to how the buildings fenestration changes throughout the building to adapt to the ephemeral changes of the landscape is really what makes this project intriguing.  That and the kick ass models, so check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Yale School of Architecture
STUDENT: Leticia Wouk Almino
STUDIO CRITIC: Brigitte Shim
YEAR: Fall 2010

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The Worm City- Carlos Silva

Check out this project, straight outta The Matrix!  Conceived as a city produced by the singularity (the moment when computers become better at processing information than a human brain).  The city preys on other cities, to return the area from man to nature.  Obviously highly conceptual, but very stunning, water-color like renderings.

STUDENT: Carlos Silva
YEAR: 2011

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