Creative Evolution – Silvertown Ship Breaking Yard – Jonathan Schofield

We head to the shipyards where Jonathan Scholfield’s President’s Medal winning project brings an architectural elegance to the deserted piers of Silvertown.  The project is designed to allow the community to learn through destruction and construction to order to evolve creativity.  The architecture then becomes defined, used, and created by the user.

STUDENT: Jonathan Schofield
SCHOOL: University of Westminster 
COURSE: President’s Medals Student Award – Medal Winner
YEAR: 2010

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Temporary Bar – Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto, Oporto SoA

Now this is a project we can really get into.  We would have loved to get the chance to design a temporary bar for a big ol’ party.  Diogo and Teresa’s winning proposal for the contest, from  2008, uses some different materials in very unique ways.  Plastic tubs from IKEA act as a facade, that reminds us a lot of the game “Lights Out.”  Check out the rest of the project.

SCHOOL: Oporto School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto
YEAR: 2008

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The Reinvigoration of the Whiplash – David Nightingale – AA

David Nightingale delves into the reformation of the grammar of ornament in today’s architectural design.  Through the analysis of the “whiplash” into a larger composition we begin to see the imagination of ornament into creating architectural space.  A truly interesting cross-examination and visually stunning design, so check it out after the jump!

FACULTY: Oliver Domeisen, Tristan Simmonds
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Diploma 13 – The Reformed Grammar of Ornament
STUDENTS: David Nightingale

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Rock and Roll Fantasy, SCI-Arc

Today, we’re skipping all the Black Friday hoopla to bring you a sweet project.  All though you may have seen it a couple of years ago, we’re showing it cause we thinks its awesome, and we wish we were at Coachella right now, enjoying awesome music and great weather.  SCI-Arcs pavilion for the festival created a space for concert goers to escape the crush of crowds, and an environment to just relax, whether in an altered state or not.

PROFESSORS: Benjamin Ball, Gaston Nogues, Andrew Lyon

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Fountain of Youth: Social Center – Raymond Bourraine + Jovanna Suarez

Today’s project featured was designed by Raymond Bourraine and Jovanna Suarez for their project ‘Fountain of Youth: Social Center’ under the guidance of Anupama Kundoo.  The project is situated in an area where the youth have been essentially forgotten and displaced.  The youth culture has become so introverted with technology today, where they live in the realm of the internet, facebook, and texting, that social centers for youth to pour into are becoming ever more important in planning of towns and cities.

SCHOOL: Parsons the Newschool
STUDENTS: Raymond Bourraine + Jovanna Suarez
PROFESSORS:   Anupama Kundoo
COURSE: Grad Studio 4
YEAR: 2011

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Stadium Metaplasia – Christos Koukis – University of Patras

In most European countries the sport of Soccer has immersed itself into every facet of one’s everyday life and in this case the stadium has entwined itself into the very fabric of the city.  Christos Koukis’s ‘Stadium Metaplasia’ is an intriguing investigation into the scripting of architecture, where the control comes from an understanding and manipulating of computer code.  Check out more after the jump!  

SCHOOL: University of Patras
PROFESSORS: Vasilis Stroumpakos
STUDENTS: Christos Koukis
YEAR: 2011
COURSE: Thesis

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The Industrial City- Gustav Dusing, The AA

Today’s project comes from Gustav, at The AA.  The project aims to redevelop the former industrial spaces many cities have, often on the shores of rivers or other bodies of water, into a space able to accomodate a variety of programs, and an increasingly high-tech environment.  The industrial activity becomes a catalyst for the entire project, which transforms the site while responding contextually.

STUDENT: Gustav Dusing
SCHOOL: The Architectural Association

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L.A. Rip N Roller – Tom Lea

Today were are heading to L.A. with a project designed from the Tom Lea from the AA, and interesting dive into the infrastructural renewal currently underway in the US.  Bringing about a movement to create density and public space within the existing fabric of today’s urban city.

PROFESSORS: Holger Kehne, Jeffrey Turko
COURSE: Diploma 12 – Nip & Tuck
LOCATION: Hollywood | Los Angeles
YEAR: 2010

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