FIVE FELLOWS – Young Architects Buy Detroit Home

We’re heading back to Detroit today, for another UM Taubman School project.  This one was a shot at revitalizing a dead home.  The students bought a house, more like a box, for $500, and created multiple interventions within the home.  Each one seeks to create a unique moment within the home.  Take a look!

SCHOOL: U. of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
FELLOWS: Meredith MillerThomas MoranRosalyne ShiehCatie NewellEllie Abrons
COURSE: Five Fellows – Architecture Fellows design and research work
YEAR: 2009 – 2010

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House’s Loft- Adolfo Samudio

Today we’re showing you the winner of a recent Arquitectum competition.  The competition was to create a new loft for Dr. House, the TV character, at the top of the Flatiron building in NYC.  The proposal takes the geometry of the building, and rotates it, creating new perspectives of the city.  Check out the project and the text after the jump.

STUDENT: Adolfo Samudio

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X-House- Kellen Qiaolun Huang, Cornell University

Cornell student Kellen takes on the growing trend of single men in chinese society.  Due to a stigma against a lack of ownership of property, men work harder to afford property, and have less time to find a wife, a cycle that feeds itself.  Kellen’s proposal tackles both issues at the same time, providing affordable housing for singles, as well as becoming a vehicle for social interaction.  Although noble,  we feel this starts taking a turn towards dystopian future type fiction.  What are your thoughts on housing being vehicles for social interaction, whether forced or not.  Read the project in Kellen’s words after the jump.  

STUDENT: Kellen Qiaolun Huang
SCHOOL: Cornell University
YEAR: 2011
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Auburn’s Rural Studio

Select details from Rural Studio projectsOne of the great school programs we’ve seen over the years, the Rural Studio at Auburn is a program that educates the students in design, building, construction, and most importantly the ethical repercussions of decisions.  The studio designs and builds structures for a poor local community of Hale County, Alabama. Continue reading