The Worm City- Carlos Silva

Check out this project, straight outta The Matrix!  Conceived as a city produced by the singularity (the moment when computers become better at processing information than a human brain).  The city preys on other cities, to return the area from man to nature.  Obviously highly conceptual, but very stunning, water-color like renderings.

STUDENT: Carlos Silva
YEAR: 2011


Conceptual artwork about a (still development) project about “The Worm City”, a big structure who preys other cities and survive as a parasite of them transforming the polluted city and spaces into a “back to the nature and public spaces” city.

The worm is based on a modular aleatory structure and is located in a moment in the near future called: The Technological Singularity Moment, and is inspired by the moment where the technology and the nature joins without the human intervention, and the technology its smarter than the human.

All text and images via Carlos’ Behance Profile

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