Urban Plinko – Shima Miabadi and Kieran Martin

Throughout the early history of modern cities the fountain was a place for people to gather out of necessity to get water and to socialize to get the local news.  However today all we need to do is flip the faucet handle and fill our glass.  How often do you ever think about the inner workings of how far that precious life source had to travel to even enter into your home?  It has become such a trivial nature in modern cities today.  However in lesser countries today the watering hole plays a huge part in the day to day goings of life.  Tap City designed this competition to try and invigorate a modern fountain into today’s city fabric.  Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
STUDENTS: Shima Miabadi and Kieran Martin
COMPETITION: Tap City Competition
YEAR: 2012
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INHABITABLE – Andrew McCarthy

As students of architecture we are told to push the boundaries of design and explore the edge of our own creativity.  We push our minds and bodies to the limit, but usually from the safe confines of our studio.  However for Andrew McCarthy that wasn’t enough, and what sounded like a better idea, was to test out his tent design atop one of the world’s tallest mountains.  Andrew is currently in his thesis year and has already scaled Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains this semester and tested out his design.  What have you been doing in studio?  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Taubman College – University of Michigan
STUDENT: Andrew McCarthy
PROFESSOR: Catie Newell
COURSE: Thesis
YEAR: 2012

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Medioteca – Valentina Lujan

Today F+ is taking you all the way to Cordoba, Argentina to check out Medioteca by Valentina Lujan.  The project is designed to create a greater focal point within the community to create a space and opportunity for cultural exchange at any age and foster a learning center for the greater community.  We translated the text about the project as best we could and make sure you check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Valentina Lujan
LOCATION: Cordoba, Argentina
YEAR: 2012

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Construction Training and Education Center

Although we are mostly concerned with college architecture projects here at F+, we still look for all sorts of education programs concerning architecture.  From the Architect’s Newspaper, this project from Jeff Goldstein, the head og Digsau, and The Challenge Program in Delaware brings together architects and at-risk children. Using the building as a learning environment, the program teaches kids carpentry and construction.

PROGRAM: Construction Training & Education Center

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MUD HALL – 2012 Loeb Fellows

This weekend F+ was roaming through the streets of Boston to check out Harvard’s Mud Hall rammed earth project outside of the GSD’s Gund Hall.  The instillation is showing off the age old practice of rammed earth for building construction and as a way to challenge today’s ideas about “Green Design” practices. Make sure to follow at mudhall.wordpress.comas we will be making sure F+ is back to check it out at completion.

PROJECT: http://mudhall.wordpress.com/
Gund Hall
YEAR: 2012

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Abusecomputation Workshop

Today we bring you another workshop.  This time we’re featuring the University of Patras’ “Abusecomputation Workshop.”  The focus is to establish computation as more than just a means to produce a product which can then be adjusted and fine tuned to create instant variation across a system;  Computation itself is to become the medium for design in architecture.  So, in a sense, they would argue Function follows Form … follows Computation.

SCHOOL: University of Patras Department of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Yannis Zavoleas, Dimitris Zisimopoulos Vassili Pappas,
Vasilis Stroumpakos, Ioanna Symeonidou

COURSE: Abusecomputation Workshop
PROGRAMS: MAYA Design Software
YEAR: 20-24 February 2012

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Ceramic Samba – Tyler Hopf, Michael Villardi and Sarah Murray

Today we are featuring work by RPI students in the Ceramic Module Workshop.  The workshop is a semester long ceramics studio focusing on the production of ceramic modules with the goal of creating full scale minimal wall systems.  Students learn to design modules, create prototypes for testing, develop slip-cast molds for mass production, and ultimately fabricate a full scale mock up of their system. The featured project was designed and built by Tyler Hopf, Michael Villardi and Sarah Murray

SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
STUDENTS: Tyler Hopf, Michael Villardi and Sarah Murray
PROFESSORS: Gustavo Crembil
YEAR: Spring 2011
COURSE: Ceramic Module Workshop

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Shape to Fabrication- Westminster University SoA

Check out this digital fabrication studio from the Diploma studio at Westminster University.   Done in a week, the project isn’t the most cleanly done, but still quite interesting.  We like the idea of using multiple teams to create one coherent project, although it still seems a bit disjointed.

SCHOOL: University of Westminster School of Architecture
CLASS: Shape to Fabrication Workshop
YEAR: Fall 2011
PROFESSOR: Rupert Maleczek, Sam Joyce / Al Fisher

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