Bangalore Kickstarter

exterior 2 a3Although normally an internet idea of showcasing an idea for funding, Joe Best’s Bangalore Kickstarter is about helping out recent graduates.  Created as a space for recent grads, the building acts as 3 unique spaces, unified by the constant curving form of the building.  Check it out.

SCHOOL: MArch Student at CSA 4th Year

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Shipwreck- Georgia Collard-Watson


With the warming weather here in the U.S. some of the most anticipated things are festivals!  Art festivals, music festivals, who-knows-what festivals, and then the most label-defying festival in the world, Burning Man.  A week in the desert, filled with some of the most eccentric people in the world.  This proposed small intervention acts as a gathering place, providing shade, light and places to lounge.  The project has actually won the Burning Man Art Grant and will be designed and built this summer.  Check out Georgia’s “Shipwreck” after the jump!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson
SCHOOL: Westminster School of Architecture & the Built Environment
PROFESSOR: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
CLASS: Diploma Studio 10

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Art Grounds of Pyrmont- Callum Andrews

drawing copy

Check out this project from Callum Andrews, at the University of Technology in Sydney.  Placing as much emphasis on the movement through the building, as well as the creation spaces, the building strikes a dynamic balance between the act of making and the act of seeing. Check it out!

Student: Callum Andrews
School: University of Technology, Sydney 
 Joanne Kinniburgh
Course: Second Year Studio
YEAR: 2012

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Whalers Cove- Patrick Beseda, UC Denver


Check out this project from Patrick, at UC Denver.  A final project from last semester, the building acts as a research and residence space for the Marina Research Academy.  Although not heavy on text (it’s Friday, we’re takin’ it easy), we are really digging the graphic representation of the project.  A couple clear exploded axos, and boldly colored boards definitely help this project stand out among the normally dark, and monotone boards of architecture reviews.

STUDENT: Patrick Beseda

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Times Square Re-imagined – Toshiki Hirano


Times Square in NYC is one of the most overly-saturated commercial spaces in the world.  Every surface is covered in billboards.  Toshiki Hirano used that as a driving mechanism in his design for a new Times Square, creating a building that’s first need is area for advertising.  Although a constant flickering billboard at street level might not be the most intriguing in terms of a civic space, it certainly creates a new face for Times Square.  Check out the rest of the project.

STUDENT: Toshiki Hirano
SCHOOL: Princeton SoA
PROFESSORS: Elizabeth Diller, Michael Meredith
CLASS: Thesis
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Alveoli- Connor McKell Bingham


Most of remember what it was like coming to architecture school, and for the majority of us, the first time at college, wearing grown-up pants.  Getting a ton of work, and your first project was intimidating.   Here’s one of those first projects, from Connor at FWL School of Architecture.  Although not anything crazy, its a good foundation to start building a design vocabulary off of.  Where in the professional world we are designing by live, work, play we hardly design for Live, work, play and die.  The projects exploration is actually rather intriguing, to think of your home as your final resting place, grim, but provocative.  Check it out. 

STUDENT: Connor McKell Bingham
SCHOOL: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
CLASS: First Year Pallet

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Surfer’s Retreat – Kacper Chmielewski

Check out this awesome project from Kacper, a surfer’s retreat on Venice Beach, CA.  Although for most of us the summer is almost a distant memory, we are loving this project, giving us day dreams of relaxing on a beach and surfing all day.  The energy and catalysts of wave, wind and ocean, influenced the design, giving it an ephemeral feeling.  We’d love to find a cheap hotel near an awesome surf spot that looked anything like this!

STUDENT: Kacper Chmielewski
SCHOOL: Bartlett School of Architecture
COURSE: 2nd Year – Unit 8
Year: 2012

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The Irrational Real: A manual for Atomistic Architecture- Cara Liberatore, Harvard GSD


One of our favorite things about architecture is its ability to take any concept, and interpret it through the lens of the built environment.  And some of the most far out concepts come from grad students, especially those at some of the top schools, and rightly so.  Check out Cara Liberatore’s project, that seeks to codify a built environment into a rational categorization, and then break that down into an irrational representation of those pieces of information.

STUDENT: Cara Liberatore
PROFESSOR: Timothy Hyde
CLASS: M. Arch Thesis
YEAR: Spring 2012

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Edible Infrastructure- Darrick Borowski, Jeroen Janssen, Nikoletta Poulimeni

Check out this project from a few students at The AA.  Done as part of an emergent technologies class, the few students created a new neighborhood, computational derived from the need for space and sustainability.  Although we would have liked to see some of the more important buildings have a more thorough design, the importance is in the larger scale of the urban fabric that is created. 

STUDENTS: Darrick Borowski, Jeroen Janssen, Nikoletta Poulimeni
CLASS: Emergent Technologies & Design
YEAR: 20120

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Wifi Cold Spot- Ben Brady

We’re gonna take today to show a pretty sweet project, that aims to create a space very few can find lately in the world, a spot completely devoid of electronic interruption. Now, its starting to cool down, and the outdoor times are going to get fewer and far between, but our desire to just get out of the city and leave our computers and cell phones behind have us loving this idea.  A small space that you can enter, and get away from any outside electronic disturbance, no wifi, no 3G, 4G, 8G, nothing.  Check it out.

STUDENT: Ben Brady
COURSE: Thesis 
YEAR: 2012

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