Designers in Residence 2012: Lawrence Lek

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We came across this amazing short documentary about Lawrence Lek’s design process and experimentation.  Having gone to Cooper Union, the AA, and Trinity College Lawrence is currently a Designer in Residence at the Design Museum.  Exploring through ready materials and simple connections you can see as he works from his initial drawings to its built form, as he plays with bending plywood.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT: Lawrence Lek
LOCATION: Design Residence – Design Museum
FILM: Alice Masters/Sound: Neil Cheshire
YEAR: 2012

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Natural Prosthesis – José Cadilhe, Julia Almeida, Michail Desyllas, & Salih Topal

A project out of BLUE at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, which is a design research laboratory at the school.  They take an experimental approach towards today’s digital fabrication and computational technologies to expand architectural boundaries.  Natural Prosthesis by José Cadilhe, Julia Almeida, Michail Desyllas, & Salih Topal takes an ecological approach to how built architecture can interact with the machine that is nature.  They didn’t take the approach of nature being this pristine perfect form, but an ever changing organism as a whole, and how can architecture better approach and connect with this system.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: José Cadilhe, Julia Almeida, Michail Desyllas, & Salih Topal
CRITICS: Alisa Andrasek & Jose Sanchez
COURSE: Master in Architecture & Urbanism AADRL
YEAR: 2012

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Protohouse – Nicholette Chan, Gilles Retsin, Aaron Silver and Sophia Tang

Softkill Design’s ‘ProtoHouse’ is an impressive exploration and boundary pushing design study into Selective Laser Sintering technology and 3D printing.  The projects appearance is a fibrous structure that is actually made up of 30 puzzle pieces that form together this futuristic prototype home.   The design itself appears as an organic organism that forms the structure, furniture, and facade of the building.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT: Nicholette Chan, Gilles Retsin, Aaron Silver and Sophia Tang
YEAR: 2012

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Futures + Design – Top Posts

Today we are checking out some of the all time top projects from the past year.    Check them out after the jump!

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Edible Infrastructure- Darrick Borowski, Jeroen Janssen, Nikoletta Poulimeni

Check out this project from a few students at The AA.  Done as part of an emergent technologies class, the few students created a new neighborhood, computational derived from the need for space and sustainability.  Although we would have liked to see some of the more important buildings have a more thorough design, the importance is in the larger scale of the urban fabric that is created. 

STUDENTS: Darrick Borowski, Jeroen Janssen, Nikoletta Poulimeni
CLASS: Emergent Technologies & Design
YEAR: 20120

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Fulcrum: Tipping Point in Venice – Graham Baldwin and Jack Self

Today we are coming a day short late to the Kickstarter party for Fulcrum’s ‘Tipping Point in Venice’ by Graham Baldwin and Jack Self.  We still want to bring to light this student run weekly publication about architecture coming out the AA.  Fulcrum takes a look at architecture that the main stream architectural press won’t cover.  There articles include a mix between students and high level architects such as Greg Lynn and Norman Foster.  We urge our readers to check out their video son Kickstarter, even if they didn’t get the funding, their articles on the Fulcrum website are well worth the read. 

SCHOOL: Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Graham Baldwin and Jack Self

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Super-Surface Fabrication: Python scripting and fabrication workshop – AA EMTECH

We are heading into the weekend checking out an architectural workshop fresh out of AA’s Emtech studios.  Super-surface fabrication workshop was a digital exploration into Python Scripting and in the realms of digital generative tooling and rapid prototyping and fabrication techniques.  For the students it was introduction into code to generate algorithmic-based complex systems, a growing trend within the architectural community.  Check it out after the jump!

WORKSHOP:  Python scripting and fabrication workshop
PROFESSORS:  Vincenzo Reale, , Evan Greenberg
YEAR: 2012

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Intermediate Unit 6 – Mohamad Zamri Bin Arip

Today we bring you a project from the AA school of architecture dealing with the issue of camouflage as it pertains to architecture.  Typically camouflage is about soft edges and the breaking up of outlines to blend objects into their surroundings.  The idea behind this project is to use camouflage as a tool for enhancing architectural effects.

SCHOOL: Architectural Association School of Architecture
YEAR: 2010
STUDENT: Mohamad Zamri Bin Arip

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Big Shed – The AA Summer Build

Today we are following up on a post from a couple months back about Hooke Park Big Shed by the AA.  We have been following the construction of the pavilion and wanted to share it again.  As it is the largest and most intricate pavilion construction we have seen between student and professionals.  The space is truly taking form, so check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: The Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Diploma Unit 19

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Post-McQueen Embryos- AA School Paris

The AA School in Paris recently had their final review for their architecture and fashion studio, Post McQueen Embryos.  This studio regularly creates some of the most amazing designs we’ve ever seen.  Although not necessiraly wearable, the designs are certainly provocative, much like the design of Alexander McQueen.  We always find these types of cross-discipline studios super interesting, seeing how architects can use their skills and techniques to create interesting designs of things besides buildings.

SCHOOL: The AA Paris
STUDENTS: Krisada Sungkram, Maria Lima, Lilli Maunula, Zhenyu Yan, Maria-Thala Al Aswad, Rémi Chevrillon, Chloe O’Regan, Rodrigo Quiñones and Leila Mohaghegh
PROFESSOR: Isaïe Bloch
SEMESTER: Spring 2012

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