Design Tutorials – Alex Hogrefe

Today we are changing it up and checking out the tutorial blog of Alex Hogrefe, which was originally started to showcase his own work between professors at Miami University Ohio while working for his Masters.  His tutorials are a great opportunity to learn presentation and new final design techniques before the new school year starts.  Alex even has a YouTube channel full of tutorials for rendering using Kerkythea and post rendering techniques.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Miami University, Ohio

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Futures + Design – Your Student Architectural Journal

Summer is coming to an end and studio will be starting before you know it!  Which means now is the time to submit your work to F+ to be showcased around the world before you have to go back to school spending all your free time checking out all the sweet work we post!

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parametric & generative LAB – Stefano Campisi & Fabio Rebolini


Today we are checking out the Parametric and Generative Laboratory at the INARCH, in Rome.  The advanced studio explores quick studies into parametric modeling and physical modeling.  The studies result in creating a complex geometric form into a field condition.  Check it out after the jump!

PROFESSORS: Fernando Rial Ponce
STUDENTS: Stefano Campisi & Fabio Rebolini
YEAR: 2012

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Differentiated Tensile Wood Laminate Morphologies – Bum Suk Ko

Today we are featuring a project from the University of Stuttgart.  For his Diploma project, Bum Suk Ko starts by researching and testing wood laminates to gain an understanding of the material properties- A fundamental part of his project.  Through these investigations Bum Suk Ko was able to create curved units with varying degrees of rotation . The aim of the project was to create a self-supporting structure made up of a series of these modular units.

SCHOOL: University of Stuttgart
PROFESSORS: A. Menges, S. Ahlquist
YEAR: 2012
COURSE: Thesis

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HygroScope – Meteorosensitive Morphology – ICD

Responsive architecture is bogged down my mechanical and technical responses that are pre-programmed into the material and design, yet the movements are not organic, but reactive.  HygroScope coming out of the ICD looks at climate responsive architecture to become a bionic organism in its own, where its responsiveness is literally ingrained into the material.   HygroScope floats in glass case in a controlled environment that reacts to the relative humidity in Paris, needing no outside energy source or computing.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL:  University of Stuttgart – Institute for Computational Design
PROFESSORS: Achim Menges, Steffen Reichert, Boyan Mihaylov
LOCATION: Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2012
YEAR: 2012

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gang(Green)- Kelsey Lents

We’ve seen a few pretty crazy urban interventions lately, like the Underground we showed a while back.  This project from Kelsey at Columbia uses the same setting, the Delancey trolley stop, to catalyze a new urban intervention, injecting green space into the urban fabric of NYC.

STUDENT: Kelsey Lents

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Sumbiosi – Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE


F+ is checking out some of the teams for the Solar Decathlon 2012 in Europe, with all the great projects and success of the event in the US we are looking forward to following the decathlon.  Today we are showcasing Sumbiosi, its title with an ancient Greek meaning, is to be 100% eco-friendly and run entirely on solar power.  Check out the rest of this project after the jump, and make sure to follow Sumbiosi’s progress on Twitter .

SCHOOL: Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux
COMPETITION: Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE
TEAM: Sumbiosi
YEAR: 2012

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Archipelago – Parametric Pavilion

Today we are checking out a pavilion by the Chalmers University of Technology at the Röhsska Museum of Design in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The project was a semester study into digital fabrication among 33 Students through the use of Grasshopper and Rhino.  Check out the time lapse of the pavilions construction and enjoy the music!

SCHOOL: Chalmers University of Technology
LOCATION: Röhsska Museum of Design, Gothenburg, Sweden
COURSE: Material and Detail
PROGRAMS: Grasshopper and Rhino
YEAR: Summer 2012

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New York City Vision Competition – 2012 Winners

Today we thought we change it up at F+ and take a look at this year’s winners from City Vision competition to re-envision NYC.  The composition of the first prize project is flat out amazing and artistic.  We highly suggest you take a look at the projects at their full extent at the site along with the honorable mentions.  Check it out after the jump!

COMPETITION: New York City Vision Competition
FIRST PRIZE: Eirini Giannakopoulou,Stefano Carera, Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi
SECOND PRIZE: Enrico Pieraccioli -Claudio Granato
FARM PRIZE: Miles Fujiki

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If you find yourself in the streets of Boston and wondering around MIT you may come across the Kerf Pavilion by Brian Hoffer, Christopher Mackey, Tyler Crain, and Dave Miranowski.  The pavilion is the results of semester worth of research into the design techniques of kerfing wood, the act of adding flexibility to wood through cutting it, and then married with modern day digital fabrication.  The pavilion structure is diverse in use from generating seating and shading all at the same time of supporting the structure.  Check out more after the jump!

SCHOOL:  MIT Department of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Brian HofferChristopher MackeyTyler Crain,Dave Miranowski
YEAR: 2012

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