si(gh)te lines – LETICIA WOUK ALMINO

Sometimes it comes down to the simple design and a play on an old idea for a truly rich design approach.  Leticia Almino basic design for the project reminds us of the covered bridges scattered throughout the New England hillsides, however her approach to how the buildings fenestration changes throughout the building to adapt to the ephemeral changes of the landscape is really what makes this project intriguing.  That and the kick ass models, so check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Yale School of Architecture
STUDENT: Leticia Wouk Almino
STUDIO CRITIC: Brigitte Shim
YEAR: Fall 2010

“This project envisions a set of two bridges and low lying paths that perform as lenses through which one interprets the site.

A set of distinct choreographed spatial and perceptual experiences perform together to provide an understanding of the site that is ever-changing according to the time of day or point in the year.

The rigid lines of the bridges frame the site and serve as a backdrop against which the ephemeral and changing nature of the landscape can be read. The solitary journey across the site forces inner reflection through an outward perception of the landscape.”

                  – Leticia Wouk Almino

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