ContemPLAY Pavilion – McGill School of Architecture

Contemplay Pavillion is finally finished and F+ can do its final post on this amazing project that has come out of McGill School of Architecture.  The project in itself is a great discourse into structural design, digital fabrication, and construction design.  The short video really gives you an amazing look at this creative design.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: McGill School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Elisa CostaHamza Alhbian,Olga KarpovaCourtney PoselSimon BastienJason CrowShelley LudmanDina SafonovaJustin BoulangerNicolasDemers-StoddartDiandra MaselliDieter ToewsEvgueniaChevtchenkoAndrew HrubyMaria MingallonSophie Wilkin
COLLABORATION:  F.A.R.M.M. & Maria Mingallon visiting Professor

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Immersive Kinematics – University of Pennsylvania

Today we are showcasing and interesting and collaborative research studio going on at the University of Pennsylvania.  The research group is called Immersive Kinematics, and is headed by professors Simon Kim and Mark Yim.  The group is a blend of design students and engineers, who are exploring the worlds of robotics as they relate to architecture and engineering.  Where the elements they are generating are on a small scale, they are honing in on the use of technology that attacks our senses.  Check it out after the jump!  

SCHOOL: University of Pennsylvania
PROFESSORS: Simon Kim and Mark Yim
COURSE: Immersive Kinematics – Research Group
STUDENTS:  Collaborators

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Of the Senses – Glen Santayana – Harvard GSD

When you woke up this morning did you text somebody before you spoke with somebody?  Maybe chat with a friend on Facebook before saying good morning to your co-worker or even view your tweets for today’s news instead of listening to the new anchor?  The fact of the matter is with today’s technology we are plugged in and tuned out our surroundings.  As a culture our social networks have exploded, but physical interaction is shrinking.  It is this notion that Glen Santayana’s architectural dialogue for ‘Of the Senses’ brings forth.  The project is an investigation of behavior and operation at the sensorial level in our relationship to our built space.  Check it out after the jump!

Glen Santayana
CRITICS: Mariana Ibanez + Simon Kim :
YEAR: 2012

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Tokyo Highrise Proposal- Alexander Daxböck

Check out this sweet project from Alex Daxböck in Vienna, we showcased one of Alex’s earlier works ‘ExLibris‘.  Alex created the project as a personal study, obviously not taking the summer off from studio.  The project is a highrise, that seeks to reconnect itself to the streets of Tokyo.  Public spaces intermix with private areas and vertical streets.

STUDENT: Alexander Daxböck
SCHOOL: Vienna University of Technology
COURSE: Personal Study
YEAR: 2012

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KREOD – London Olympic Games

Only a month away and we are counting down the days to the start of the Summer Olympic Games in London.  For architects however it may be less about the games and more about seeing some of the amazing designs and construction that are brought to light from the games.  However today we are not checking out Zaha’s Aquatics Center, but a small pavilion under construction by a team of very young designers.  KREOD is to become an outdoor exhibition space in the Greenwich Peninsula during the London Olympic Game.  KREOD is a test to how we use digital design, fabrication construction, and approach sustainable design in today’s digital age.  Check it out after the jump!

LOCATION:  London Olympic Games
TEAM: KREOD – Chun Qing Li
YEAR: 2012

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aPLY- Competition Entry – DANIEL NELSON

Today we bring you a competition entry done by Daniel Nelson for the Natural Talent Design Competition, whose aim is to promote eco-friendly design from young architects.  Daniel’s Jean Prouve-esque design incorporates aspects of cost-effectiveness, sustainability and transportability.

COMPETITION: USGBC’s Natural Talent Design Competition
YEAR: 2011

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Digital Exposure – Kyle Chong

F+ is bringing you Digital Exposure by Kyle Chong, a first out of Liverpool John Moores Univeristy.  The project delves the discourse of studying the human body’s movements, and translating it into today’s digital modeling.  A discourse fostered by the early works of Etienne-Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge, and there scientific studies into capturing physical locomotion.  Kyle’s project strives to create the opportunity to further exercise the physical spectrum and its relation to programmatic relations to space.  Check it out after the jump!  

SCHOOL: Liverpool John Moores University
STUDENTS: Kyle Chong
YEAR: 2008

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Cathedral To Alchemy: A Recycling Facility For Decommissioned London Buses – Aaron Holden

Today we bring you a project by Aaron Holden of the University of Westminster.  Aaron’s Project investigates the issue of dealing with decommissioned public buses and offers as a solution a facility for collecting the scrap metal and recycling it into a usable fuel source.  We don’t know about you, but we feel this is just crazy enough to work.

SCHOOL: University of Westminster, London UK
STUDENT: Aaron Holden
AWARD: RIBA – President’s Medals Student Awards
YEAR: 2011

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Street Life: Communes For Urbanites – Mark Rist – University of Westminster

Today’s project ‘Street Life’ by Mark Rist, is an older RIBA head nod back from 2008, and a very widely reviewed project.  The context of the project challenges the modular society that modern city dwellers reside in.  Where we seek individuality, yet reside in unconnected modulars.  ‘Street Life’ strives to create a new city streetscape that is in constant flux. Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: University of Westminster, London UK 
STUDENT: Mark Rist
AWARD: RIBA – Commendation – Serjeant Award 
YEAR: 2008

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