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Conceptual Mall Design 3

When we think of modular homes of late in the US it has been to create flexible and extremely compact homes for places like NYC.  Thomas Khoueiry’s approach in Lebanon was not only to design a modular housing development for Lebanon’s housing crisis, but to also to revitalize the abandoned quarries.  The quarries have left scares all over the landscape, and this new spanning housing typology tries to recapture these lands.  As the project isn’t heavily built into the landscape, but touching it at points, maybe the opportunity for the land to become revitalized over time is a possibility.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Thomas Khoueiry
USEK – Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
PROFESSORS: Zafer Sleiman
Fall 2012

Conceptual Mall Design 1

“In these times of economic crisis, and with the escalating housing rates, along side the crime against nature, Quarries, that has ravished many of our natural lands, A solution, solving both this housing issue and a covering the ugly trace of industry, I’ve conceived a Multiplying Modular house.

Quarry Residential Complexe Board 2 Quarry Residential Complexe Board 1

Using the hexagon, a strong structure needing the minimum quantity of material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume. Based on the concept of standardization I’ve created 8 housing typologies that would multiply in order to create a housing unit, and these units multiply in order to cover the damaged surface of the quarry.

Mass Plan Concept Board Quarry Residential Complex 3 Quarry Residential Complex 2

This project is a prototype located on the Metn Quarry in Lebanon, Developing the housing solution and creating a community with a few of basic amenities  (Gym, Daycare Center and a Mall).

Conceptual Mall Board Conceptual Mall Design 2 Quarry Residential Complex 1

Taking a closer look at the mall with it’s Tessellating Modules, the truncated-octahedron, allowing the expansion of the mall in 3D creating different types of spaces both indoor and outdoor.”

Quarry Residential Complex 1

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