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We taking a small step in a different direction today on F+ and showcasing a project where the “student” was the owner of this small home in Kyoto, Japan.  Where the architect designed the renovations for this home, the builder was the owner who had no architectural or building background.  A real DIY with the assistance of architect giving you the how too!  Check it out!

ARCHITECT: Koji Kakiuchi
DESIGN FIRM:  Koji Kakiuchi / Yaomitsu Designing Department 
LOCATION: Kyoto, Japan
YEAR: 2011

“Japanese architects koji kakiuchi / yaomitsu designing department has sent us images of ‘do it yourself’, a small renovation project to a 100 year old house in kyoto, japan. Working together with the client, who has no experience in architecture or remodelling, the project is an exercise in transferring knowledge to the inhabitants, creating a collective design that the client can maintain as well as live in.

situated between two adjacent buildings, the 56 m2 house lacked structural integrity and leaned to one side. instead of reinforcing the existing walls, the design inserts rectangular frames inside the original framework, strengthening the house as well as creating new venues of ventilation and lighting. a portion of the ground floor ceiling was removed to result in a void that aided natural air flow as well as a mezzanine-like level that overlooks the space below.

In addition to providing structural aid, the new rectangular frames define and divide
the individual programs in a linear fashion. a small kitchen sits in the centre of the layout flanked by two wooden units that maintain a sense of continuity. the visual effect of the layered frames add depth and dimension to the simple arrangement. the upper level, which accommodates a loft bedroom, benefits from natural daylight entering from the ground floor. a thin white cloth running along the ceiling of the house creates a complimentary contrast between the new design and antique house while establishing a visual connection between levels. “

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