Critical Shifts – Columbia University GSAPP


WHOAH it has been awhile, but Futures+ is back!  We have been crazy lately, but we are excited to get back to studio with Critical Shifts a student run symposium dedicated to exploring the ongoing transformations of critical practice in architecture.  It’s happening this Saturday April 5th at Studio-X in NYC.  Futures+ might even make an appearance to check it out, and we highly suggest if you are a student in the area to check it out!  All the details on this event are after the jump.

SCHOOL: GSAPP, Columbia University
EVENT: Interpretations: Critical Shifts
TIME: Saturday, April 5, 2014 1:00pm @ Studio-X NYC


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Alex Phi (6)

Alex Phi project speaks for itself as an impressive exploration into the disruption and breaking of what is a monolithic structure.  The complexities come from pulling, pushes, and breaking a solid geometric form, which adds layers and depths to the organizational form.  Yet it still reads at times as a simple elegant piece.   Alex’s video is a great example of diagrammatic exploration that continues to evolve and build off each previous exploration.  We often can get stuck trying to “create architecture”, but the projects that always stick out to us are the ones that constantly explore and push without limitation.  Check it out after the jump a truly great process to learn from as a student!

PROFESSORS: Florencia Pita
YEAR: 2013

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Last year F+ came across Luke Shepards Kickstarter quest to make a feature length film of his architectural time lapses.  With his original success from his first architectural night documentary he set out to capture the beauty of some the best architectural destinations in Europe. Now after 21 countries, 36 cities, 28 buildings and a couple thousand photos later we get to see Luke’s finale creation of NIGHTVISION.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Luke Shepard – 
American University of Paris
YEAR: 2013

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Hey its summer break and time to submit your work from the last year!  F+  is here to help you find your design inspiration while you are working, in school, relaxing, traveling over the summer!  We will be constantly finding you great projects all summer long, and feel free to reach out to us via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and good old fashion e-mail.  Uncle Corb wants to showcase your work!

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Preparing for The Bartlett Summer Show 2013


Although we tossed this up on as a post on our Facebook wall today, we thought we should highlight it a bit more.  The UCL puts on annual showcase of the students works, and the event has grown with each year.  When most students are tossing their models out and clearing out their desks, the Bartlett School of Architecture is in full on design and construction phase.  The projects are not simply hung on the wall, but each space is designed and tailored to each studio.  The presentations themselves become an architectural exploration, beyond the projects.  The students collaborate and design the installation locations.  If only F+ was located in England we would be checking it out ourselves, but maybe you are and you should!   Get inspired by seeing what other student designers are doing!  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: UCL – Bartlett 
Saturday 22 June,  — 
Sunday 23 June, — 
Monday 24 June,  — 
Tuesday 25 June,  — 
Wednesday 26 June,  — 
Thursday 27 June, 10.00 — 
Friday 28 June,  — 
Saturday 29 June,  — 

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+POOL, Tile by Tile – Kickstarter


It seems every summer day we look out into the Boston Harbor or NYC rivers, and one mentions how awesome it would be to just jump into the water.  +Pool is still pushing forward to make this a reality in NYC.  One of the largest civic kickstarters ever done and you can be a part of helping to make it a reality.  We have been following +POOL, and Archie Lee Coates, Jeffrey Franklin, Dong-Ping Wong, every since the original idea was reveled.  Float Lab is just another stepping stone in making +Pool a reality.  A smart and creative design funded by the people for the people.  It seems like a no brainier!  So make sure to check out the +Pool kickstarter after the jump!

TEAM: Archie Lee Coates, Jeffrey Franklin,  Dong-Ping Wong
KICKSTARTER: +Pool, Tile by Tile
YEAR: 2013

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The long summer nights and countless days on the beach have BEGUN!  F+ is right here for you to help you find your design inspiration over the summer break!    Will be constantly finding you great projects all summer long.  Feel free to get in touch with us and let Uncle Corb showcase your work!

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The Architecture of an Education – SCI-Arc


The days of summer are a welcomed relief after a year buried in studio, where you are constantly straining, flexing, pushing the designer within. Today we came across a short film sharing a glimpse into the culture and students of SCI-Arc.   The life of an architecture student is perfectly framed by LJ Roxas as “High Speed and always running”.  Never stop running and check out the film after the jump! 

FILM:  Ryan Tyler Martinez
YEAR: 2013

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Night Rendering 1

Today we’re showing what may seem as a more basic project.  But there’s a great design sense in this project from Isaac and Noah at Kent State.  The small decisions that shaped the design of the building really create a great sense of place that we really appreciate.  Also, there model looks aces, check it out.

STUDENTS: Isaac Ocasio and Noah Shroyer
Kent State University
PROFESSORS: Charles Harker
COURSE: Kent States University’s Integrated Design Competition 
YEAR: 2013

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Futures + Design – Your Student Architectural Journal!

The long nights and countless days in studio are almost over or OVER!  F+ is  here for you to showcase all that hard work.  Let us showcase your work, or suggest a colleague that we should check out! Follow us on Twitter, Instragram, Facebook or what ever you fancy.  F+ will be coming at you all summer with great design inspiration and projects.

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