Davyhulme Wetlands & Anaerobic Digestion Park – Thomas Petch

We are kicking off the week with an F+ original submission of the Davyhulme Wetlands & Anaerobic Digestion Park Thesis proposal by Thomas Petch of the Manchester School of Architecture.  The project tackles the ongoing waste management challenges arising in Manchester City and the introduction of BREP, a biomass incinerator.  Residents are worried about the health and social impacts of this plant, and Thomas has instead proposed an alternative option through creating a vast ecological visitor attraction.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Manchester School of Architecture, UK
STUDENT: Thomas Petch
PROFESSORS: Stefan White & Helen Aston
COURSE: Thesis

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REFRACT- Adam E. Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz

Check out this awesome installation from RISD students.  Created using acrylic, LEDs, and arduinos, the installation is an interactive environment that responds to the inhabitant.  Although it’s a bit small, we’d love to see a large scale installation of something like this.

STUDENT: Adam E Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz
SCHOOL: Rhode Island School of Design
CLASS: Digital Constructs Fall 2011

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Biodigital Processes in Architecture – Tommaso Casucci

Today we are bringing you a project from the University on Florence, Biodigital Processes in Architecture by Tommaso Casucci.  The project is an exploration into surface modulation to create an organic structure to house a library for the school of architecture.  The project itself truly explores the richness of creating a modular, to its multiplication, its responsiveness to the elements and its actual fabrication.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University on Florence
STUDENT: Tommaso Casucci
YEAR: 2011

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Field Chapel – IIT Design Build Students

Today we bring you a field chapel designed by students at IIT and built by volunteers from the local community.  The design of the chapel was such that it could be built by people without construction skills, and could be built quickly, cheaply and by the community itself.

SCHOOL: Illinois Institute of Technology
PROFESSORS: Professor Frank Flury
COURSE: Advanced Design/Build Studio
YEAR: 2009

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Brittlebush -Taliesin West – Simón De Agüero

Just the other week we brought to you the earth packed by the GSD, and today we are coming at you with another amazing green design from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  Brittlebush is one the creative housing designs to come out of Taliesin design studio in the past couple years by Simón De Agüero.  The projects design was to create a fully open living space.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
STUDENT: Simón De Agüero & Erik Krautbauer
YEAR: 2010

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Post-McQueen Embryos- AA School Paris

The AA School in Paris recently had their final review for their architecture and fashion studio, Post McQueen Embryos.  This studio regularly creates some of the most amazing designs we’ve ever seen.  Although not necessiraly wearable, the designs are certainly provocative, much like the design of Alexander McQueen.  We always find these types of cross-discipline studios super interesting, seeing how architects can use their skills and techniques to create interesting designs of things besides buildings.

SCHOOL: The AA Paris
STUDENTS: Krisada Sungkram, Maria Lima, Lilli Maunula, Zhenyu Yan, Maria-Thala Al Aswad, Rémi Chevrillon, Chloe O’Regan, Rodrigo Quiñones and Leila Mohaghegh
PROFESSOR: Isaïe Bloch
SEMESTER: Spring 2012

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Manta – SmartGeometry 2012

It only takes a quick glance to figure out how this project got the name MANTA, at this year’s Smartgeometry, held at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute.  A conference focused on challenging the innate order of how we perceive architecture.  Smartgeometry opens architects and designers eyes to looking at architecture at molecular levels, instead of bounding ourselves with services and walls, but looking at light, vibrations, and water vapor to create good design.  Check out what team Manta  created after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
TEAM: Guillermo Bernal, Seth Edwards, , Zackery Belanger
COURSE: SmartGeometry 2012 
STUDENTS:  Sarah Goldfarb, James Wisniewski, Daniel Hambleton, Varvara Toulkeridou, Ben Schneiderman, Olia Fomina, Christoffer Marsvik

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Pavilion / EmTech (AA) + ETH

Today we are bringing you international student pavilion collaboration between the AA and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).  The project had students and professionals contributing from multiple disciplines to allow this project to come to fruition, from structural analysis, sun shading studies, design, and fabrication.  The collaboration brought about an advanced study into creating structure through the manipulation of single sheets of plywood to create a temporary light construction.  Check out more after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Architectural Association (AA) &  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
PROFESSORS: Toni Kotnik (DARCH, ETH Zurich; EmTech, AA London), Michael Weinstock (EmTech, AA London), George Jeronimidis (EmTech, AA London), Wolf Mangeldorf (Buro Happold, London)
YEAR: 2012

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Des Cours Exhibit in New Orleans – Pavilion

Today we are coming at you with another pavilion designed by a collective group of students from Georgia Tech for the Des Cours Exhibit in New Orleans.  The project looks at digital fabrication as a means to construct an eco skin.  The separation of space no longer becomes just about physical boundary, but a living breathing systems controlling light, collecting water, and acting as a green wall.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Georgia Tech
STUDENTS: Valerie Bolen, Emily Finau, Tasnouva Habib, Knox Jolly, Pei-Lin Liao, Keith Smith, April Tann, Rachel Dickey
COURSE: Des Cours Exhibit  in New Orlean

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