Mr. Brainwash – Art Show 2011

Last night we hit the steets of LA and thought we would change it up this friday, and come at you with something a little different with an architectural view.  We hit up Mr. Brainwash’s Art Show 2011, check it out after the jump!

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PRIDE- Tea House – Nattapoom Sawettaporn

Today we head half-way across the globe from us, to showcase this intriguing Tea House design by Nattapoom Sawerraporn from the School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT.  It seems in the past couple years this investigation into the culture and redesign of the Tea House has been becoming more and more popular in design studio courses.  We get a rare glimpse into Nattapoom’s sketch book so enjoy after the jump!

STUDENT: Nattapoom Sawettaporn
PROFESSOR: Atithep Kashemsant
SCHOOL: School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT

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Santa’s Digital Workshop- University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”

Check out this great workshop from the U of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest.  The students took part in a workshop to design complex digital forms, and produced by 3d printing.  The ornaments were part of an interactive Christmas tree installation.

SCHOOL: University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”
YEAR: December 2011

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Edge Conditions: Discovery Park Field Lab

We hope you enjoyed, and are enjoying, your holiday breaks!  As we are back at it again after a little holiday cheer here at F+.  Today we are bringing you several projects from a studio done at the University of Washington.  Having personally visited their Rome Studio we know what this school’s students can bring to the table, such as this investigation into creating field labs in relation into their ecological edge.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Washington
STUDENTS: Angela Yang, Sean McNally, Di Meng, Ole Johnson, Evan Schmidt
PROFESSOR: Elizabeth Golden
COURSE: Undergradate Design I Studio – Intention + Site + Structure
YEAR: 2011

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Happy Holidays to All!

Happy Holidays Everybody take a studio break and enjoy the holidays and Family!

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Landmark – R. Hernández, M. Valdés & O. Véliz; Universidad de Talca

Check out this awesome bench from Chliean students at the Universidad de Talca.  The bench is part of a series of similar benches placed along a path on the Pacific Ocean.  The benches serve as a space for tourists and locals to interact, as well as a resting spot along the way.  Check out the rest!

STUDENTS: R. Hernández, M. Valdés & O. Véliz
SCHOOL: Universidad de Talca

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AnimalHouse_Betta – Josh Stiling – Roger Williams University

Today we are looking at the social implications of blending physical and visual separations, a rather expansive architectural discourse; however the project is dealing with Betta Splendens Fish.  These fish are known as a fighting fish and playing with the separation of physical space with the provocative notion of visual connection to create tension is extremely intriguing.  Imagine this separation inter-graded into a stadium entrance separating fans at some of the biggest rivals in a soccer match?  A provocative investigation in the social implications it can suggest and the physical study itself is intriguing so enjoy after the jump!

STUDENT: Josh Stiling
 Roger Williams University
Andrew Thurlow
Digital Manufacturing
AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and Rhino

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Habitat for Humanity House – Yonatan Pressman & Courtney Benzon, Rice University

Usually the projects we show here are investigations into design processes, temporary constructs or hypothetical designs with supposed social impacts, rarely ever tested.  Today though, we’re gonna share a project that will actually do tangible good.  This home, designed by students at Rice University will be built by Habitat for Humanity over 6 weekends next year.  Using an inverted roof truss, the design breaks from the traditional form of previous HfH homes.

STUDENTS: Yonatan Pressman, Courtney Benzon
SCHOOL: Rice University SoA
YEAR: 2011

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Architectural Installations – Florida International University

Today we’re showcasing a whole class of work, from students in FIU’s Architectural Installations Class, taught by Alfredo Andia.  The installations range in scale and design method, but each one creates a unique piece, explicitly without a purpose.  Although these objects are not representative of any architectural space, they teach lessons in fabrication.  We’ve chosen a few to show, as well as the outline from the professor.  Check em’ out.

SCHOOL:  Florida International University
PROFESSOR: Alfredo Andia
CLASS: Architectural Installations
YEAR: Fall 2011

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Preserving the Erased: Didactic Architecture – Brandon Mosley

Today we are showcasing a project from Louisiana Tech University that has been making its rounds on the internet.  It is an interesting project to propose a museum to look retrospectively at the ghost mining town of Pitcher Oklahoma, by literally building into the mining shafts that polluted the town.  The project carries the viewer into the depths of the earth into this foreign space to see man and machines damage to the earth.   

SCHOOL: Louisiana Tech University
STUDENTS: Brandon Mosley
YEAR: 2011

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