Stockholm Library Interior – Olivier Charles, Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez

You think you have rendered enough when you click and wait 2 hours for one image?  Try doing that 1,000 times over and over again until you have the perfect image like Olivier Charles, Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez did for their ‘Wall of Knowledge’ design.  We know its a few years back but this amazing tutorial gives you a glimpse into the painstaking detail that goes into an image like this.  We highly suggest taking a studio break and following the link to the design tutorial!

STUDENT: Olivier Charles,  Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez
Architecture School of Paris La Seine
COURSE: International Competition of Architecture
YEAR: 2009

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Design Tutorials – Alex Hogrefe

Today we are changing it up and checking out the tutorial blog of Alex Hogrefe, which was originally started to showcase his own work between professors at Miami University Ohio while working for his Masters.  His tutorials are a great opportunity to learn presentation and new final design techniques before the new school year starts.  Alex even has a YouTube channel full of tutorials for rendering using Kerkythea and post rendering techniques.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Miami University, Ohio

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Sumbiosi – Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE


F+ is checking out some of the teams for the Solar Decathlon 2012 in Europe, with all the great projects and success of the event in the US we are looking forward to following the decathlon.  Today we are showcasing Sumbiosi, its title with an ancient Greek meaning, is to be 100% eco-friendly and run entirely on solar power.  Check out the rest of this project after the jump, and make sure to follow Sumbiosi’s progress on Twitter .

SCHOOL: Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux
COMPETITION: Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE
TEAM: Sumbiosi
YEAR: 2012

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Troldtekt Award 2012 – Matthias Kisch & Amy Linford

Today we are taking a look at the two innovative winners of the Troldtekt Award 2012, Matthias Kisch of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Amy Linford Newcastle University.   Both students looked at the product, and kept their innovative designs within the realm reality and simplicity, teetering on the verge of being trite.  Yet it is on that line that they danced with such simple movements creating such strong proposals.  We especially enjoy how Amy Linford approached the project by reinventing the product itself through deconstructing the product and creating a whole new form.  Check out the projects and video’s after the jump!

SCHOOL: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Newcastle University
STUDENTS: Matthias Kisch & Amy Linford
COMPETITION:  Troldtekt Award 2012
YEAR: 2012

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This is a call for all designers young and old to come check out a DIY Furniture & NYChair Charrette at First Street Green Park.  Plus Admissions is FREE!  Check it out and we hope all you designers/architects in the NYC area show up to get your design on.

LOCATION: First Park @ 33 East 1st Street
WHEN: Saturday July 14

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DIY – Koji Kakiuchi

We taking a small step in a different direction today on F+ and showcasing a project where the “student” was the owner of this small home in Kyoto, Japan.  Where the architect designed the renovations for this home, the builder was the owner who had no architectural or building background.  A real DIY with the assistance of architect giving you the how too!  Check it out!

ARCHITECT: Koji Kakiuchi
DESIGN FIRM:  Koji Kakiuchi / Yaomitsu Designing Department 
LOCATION: Kyoto, Japan
YEAR: 2011

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Flow – Public Lighting for the Third World – Alberto Vasquez


Sometimes it is the simplest designs that are the most moving, and that certainly is the case with Alberto Vasquez’s “Flow” project.  In his efforts to bring lighting to the public, in countries and places without access to the power grid, Vasquez came up with an elegant LED Bamboo street light.  The design is not only smart, it is amazing cheap, effective, and biodegradable.  The real question is why they are not being massed produced? Check it out after the jump!  

STUDENT: Alberto Vasquez
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
YEAR: 2010

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Weekend Studio Break!

From snowing last weekend to the 60’s from LA, NYC, and our Boston studios.  Suns out so get out of studio and take a break and check out this weeks artists!

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