Shipwreck & Fractal Cult – Burning Man


Shipwreck and Fractal Cult have made the journey from the drawing boards of studio, a kickstarter for funding, and finally all the way across the pond to construction at Burning Man.  Watching this studio has been a amazing to watch from the outside, a rare glimpse into the studio life and culture of another architecture school.  Not only that the dedication from their teachers from design to realization is rather impressive. Check out the work after the jump and make sure to check out WeWantToLearn for this years studio!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson & Thanasis Korras
SCHOOL: Westminster University, London

PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
YEAR: Summer 2013

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Housing for the slope – Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli


With big pushes towards forward thinking materials and scripted structures, it is nice to see future exploration with wood as the primary basis of design.  The Wood Architecture Contest is organized by the Technology Transfer Center of Madera, CORMA CTT.  Over 250 and 17 universities submitted 56 projects for a new conceptual housing project no taller than 4 stories and wood as the structural material.  Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli were the 1st place winners exploring housing designed for the slopes of Chile.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen and Romina Capelli 
Finis Terrae University
PROFESSORS: Pablo Hernán Talhouk and Fourniés
COMPETITION: VII Contest Results wooden architecture – CTT-CORMA
YEAR: 2012

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Agricultural mountain – IUT Group


Who hasn’t played in the hay, or built a hay fort at some point in time of their lives?  Well add some structure a few designers and architects, and you might find yourself designing an artificial mountain out of hay like the IUT Group down in Portugal. Two hundred and eighty eight stray bales comprise this ancient Guimarães castle tower for the public to enjoy on the outskirts of the city.  Check it out after the jump!

IUT Group: Nuno Miguel Lima Cruz, Bruno Martins Afonso Gomes,António da Silva Lopes
University of Minho
COURSE: 1st prize – Performance Architecture International Competition
YEAR: 2012

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light lab 5.1 – VAV architects


Light, time and space are so simple, but their control can make such a poetic statement within architecture.  They are delicate, yet tangible controls, within architecture as Light lab 5.1 pavilion plays with the power of light and dark to create an overpowering space within the urban environment.  Once inside the element your relationship to space is solely controlled by the flood of light.  You must acclimate to the environment to truly appreciate the beauty of the light channeling in, until you are re-immersed into the full intensity of the sun and busy urban context.  Check it out after the jump!   

STUDENTS: Veniyana Lemonidi, Matteo Goldoni, Jonathan Russell, Nicholas Dunlop, Tati Leonteva, Alexandra Polyakova, Tereza Scheibova, Anna Podrouzkova, Libor Mládek, David Buhagiar, Aulon Harizaj, Jim Walsh

PROFESSORS: VAV architects
COURSE: EASA workshop. Helsinki, Finland
YEAR: 2012

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The Bowooss Bionic Inspired Research Pavilion – Saarland University

Nature is our best resource for finding the strongest and most complex structures in the world today.  Saarland University School of Architecture teamed up with research collaborative Bowoos to investigate a bionic inspired wooden shell structure.  The results are this highly digitally fabricated temporary pavilion.  As we continue to see projects like this popping up all over the place, we are beginning to wonder what is the next step for these design studies into digital fabrication, outside of creating temporary structures? Or are we changing bringing ornamentation into built construction? 

SCHOOL: Saarland University
RESEARCH GROUP: Bowoos –  Bionic inspired wooden shell structures.
YEAR: 2012

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Endesa Pavilion – Smart City Expo – IAAC

The IAAC pavilion was built for the Smart City Expo which will act as meeting point for knowledge interchange as well as a benchmark for smart grid technologies in Barcelona, Spain.  The building itself acts in a twofold manner to protect from solar radiation and also harnesses that same solar energy through an active node like system.  The construction itself seems relatively simple with raw in materials; however the form certainly has a presence in its location.  Whether or not the solar panels are enough to obtain all the energy needed, the facade approach and its relationship to site is enough to catch your eye and spark a greater conversation. Check it out! 

SCHOOL: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
COMPETITION: Smart City Expo 
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
YEAR: 2012

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ContemPLAY Pavilion – McGill School of Architecture

Contemplay Pavillion is finally finished and F+ can do its final post on this amazing project that has come out of McGill School of Architecture.  The project in itself is a great discourse into structural design, digital fabrication, and construction design.  The short video really gives you an amazing look at this creative design.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: McGill School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Elisa CostaHamza Alhbian,Olga KarpovaCourtney PoselSimon BastienJason CrowShelley LudmanDina SafonovaJustin BoulangerNicolasDemers-StoddartDiandra MaselliDieter ToewsEvgueniaChevtchenkoAndrew HrubyMaria MingallonSophie Wilkin
COLLABORATION:  F.A.R.M.M. & Maria Mingallon visiting Professor

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“Golden Glory” – Münster School of Architecture – Modulorbeat architects

F+ heads into the weekend showcasing our first post from the Münster School of Architecture, a studio collaboration between students and Modulorbeat architects.  The studio designed and constructed the pavilion in just six weeks.  The modular pavilion was designed for a nearby exhibition and was programmed to house a functioning metal work foundry and small information center.   Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Münster School of Architecture
ARCHITECTS: modulorbeat
COURSE: Workshop
YEAR: 2012

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Big Shed – The AA Summer Build

Today we are following up on a post from a couple months back about Hooke Park Big Shed by the AA.  We have been following the construction of the pavilion and wanted to share it again.  As it is the largest and most intricate pavilion construction we have seen between student and professionals.  The space is truly taking form, so check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: The Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Diploma Unit 19

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Fabricating Grounds: Ice Shelter Installation – Koepcke + Prado

We are heading back to the Harvard to check out a temporary structure designed by Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado.  This takes building an igloo to the next level, instead of shoveling together heavy blocks of snow, these GSD students used a little parametric modeling, some digital fabrication, and a lot of ingenuity to design and construct this project. Nine hours of construction and 92 unique panels of 3 mil plastic sheeting and some double-sided polyester tape and you check out what happen next after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Harvard Graduate School of Design 
STUDENTS: Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado
YEAR: 2012

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