ContemPLAY Pavilion – McGill School of Architecture

Contemplay Pavillion is finally finished and F+ can do its final post on this amazing project that has come out of McGill School of Architecture.  The project in itself is a great discourse into structural design, digital fabrication, and construction design.  The short video really gives you an amazing look at this creative design.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: McGill School of Architecture
Elisa CostaHamza Alhbian,Olga KarpovaCourtney PoselSimon BastienJason CrowShelley LudmanDina SafonovaJustin BoulangerNicolasDemers-StoddartDiandra MaselliDieter ToewsEvgueniaChevtchenkoAndrew HrubyMaria MingallonSophie Wilkin
F.A.R.M.M. & Maria Mingallon visiting Professor

Video created by Natali Film:

“The ContemPLAY pavilion project is a student-led initiative investigating new methods of practice. The project presented a unique opportunity for the students of the Directed Research Studio (DRS) of the McGill School of Architecture to learn through hands-on experience in an academic context. DRS masters students in coordination with the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation (FARMM) are responsible for the design, fabrication and assembly of the parametric pavilion.”

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2 thoughts on “ContemPLAY Pavilion – McGill School of Architecture

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