Housing for the slope – Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli


With big pushes towards forward thinking materials and scripted structures, it is nice to see future exploration with wood as the primary basis of design.  The Wood Architecture Contest is organized by the Technology Transfer Center of Madera, CORMA CTT.  Over 250 and 17 universities submitted 56 projects for a new conceptual housing project no taller than 4 stories and wood as the structural material.  Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli were the 1st place winners exploring housing designed for the slopes of Chile.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen and Romina Capelli 
Finis Terrae University
PROFESSORS: Pablo Hernán Talhouk and Fourniés
COMPETITION: VII Contest Results wooden architecture – CTT-CORMA
YEAR: 2012

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