Designers in Residence 2012: Lawrence Lek

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We came across this amazing short documentary about Lawrence Lek’s design process and experimentation.  Having gone to Cooper Union, the AA, and Trinity College Lawrence is currently a Designer in Residence at the Design Museum.  Exploring through ready materials and simple connections you can see as he works from his initial drawings to its built form, as he plays with bending plywood.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT: Lawrence Lek
LOCATION: Design Residence – Design Museum
FILM: Alice Masters/Sound: Neil Cheshire
YEAR: 2012

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Shipwreck- Georgia Collard-Watson


With the warming weather here in the U.S. some of the most anticipated things are festivals!  Art festivals, music festivals, who-knows-what festivals, and then the most label-defying festival in the world, Burning Man.  A week in the desert, filled with some of the most eccentric people in the world.  This proposed small intervention acts as a gathering place, providing shade, light and places to lounge.  The project has actually won the Burning Man Art Grant and will be designed and built this summer.  Check out Georgia’s “Shipwreck” after the jump!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson
SCHOOL: Westminster School of Architecture & the Built Environment
PROFESSOR: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
CLASS: Diploma Studio 10

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Housing for the slope – Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli


With big pushes towards forward thinking materials and scripted structures, it is nice to see future exploration with wood as the primary basis of design.  The Wood Architecture Contest is organized by the Technology Transfer Center of Madera, CORMA CTT.  Over 250 and 17 universities submitted 56 projects for a new conceptual housing project no taller than 4 stories and wood as the structural material.  Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen, Romina Capelli were the 1st place winners exploring housing designed for the slopes of Chile.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Angelica Maria Valente, Melissa Nickelsen and Romina Capelli 
Finis Terrae University
PROFESSORS: Pablo Hernán Talhouk and Fourniés
COMPETITION: VII Contest Results wooden architecture – CTT-CORMA
YEAR: 2012

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Art615 Pavilion – Aalborg University students

It has been a pavilion kind of week!  Art615 project was conceived and built by the students of Aalborg University, DK during their 4 week workshop program: Social Technologies 2010 at the Department of Architecture & Design.  In collaboration with Dolle Trapper the students had 4 weeks to master and design a project utilizing CNC fabrication techniques and parametric modeling.  The intention was to create a pavilion to be installed in a high crime park, to draw attention from the unsafe park and bring a feeling of a safer environment for visitors.

SCHOOL: Aalborg University
STUDENTS: Senad Gvozden, Bjarke Mejnertsen, Kenneth Rytter, Bjarke Apollo, Jacob Hilmer, Dennis Jensen
LOCATION: Aalborg, Denmark 

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