MARIDAJE Wine Center in La Rioja – Isabel Rivas & Javier Ureña

It truly doesn’t get any better when you combine architecture, wine, and the beautiful wine country of Spain.  It is a rich culture and lifestyle that surrounds these vineyards, that is heavily inundated with Spain’s love for gourmet cuisine.  Isabel Rivas & Javier Ureña set out create a space actually within the landscape to stand as an actual cultural center dedicated to this culinary experience.  The design doesn’t become an object within the country side, but emerges out of the hillside as a natural moment.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT:  Isabel Rivas & Javier Ureña
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
YEAR: 2012

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Endesa Pavilion – Smart City Expo – IAAC

The IAAC pavilion was built for the Smart City Expo which will act as meeting point for knowledge interchange as well as a benchmark for smart grid technologies in Barcelona, Spain.  The building itself acts in a twofold manner to protect from solar radiation and also harnesses that same solar energy through an active node like system.  The construction itself seems relatively simple with raw in materials; however the form certainly has a presence in its location.  Whether or not the solar panels are enough to obtain all the energy needed, the facade approach and its relationship to site is enough to catch your eye and spark a greater conversation. Check it out! 

SCHOOL: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
COMPETITION: Smart City Expo 
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
YEAR: 2012

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