Shipwreck & Fractal Cult – Burning Man


Shipwreck and Fractal Cult have made the journey from the drawing boards of studio, a kickstarter for funding, and finally all the way across the pond to construction at Burning Man.  Watching this studio has been a amazing to watch from the outside, a rare glimpse into the studio life and culture of another architecture school.  Not only that the dedication from their teachers from design to realization is rather impressive. Check out the work after the jump and make sure to check out WeWantToLearn for this years studio!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson & Thanasis Korras
SCHOOL: Westminster University, London

PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
YEAR: Summer 2013

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Shipwreck & Fractal Cult – Burning Man Kickstarter


We have been on a bit of a summer break here at Futures+, but now we are back and coming at you with this hot Kickstarter out of the DS10 Studio at Westminster University School of Architecture.  Georgia Collard-Watson and Thanasis Korras projects were both selected to be built at the 2013 Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.  DS10 is now crowd sourcing on Kickstarter in order to bring these projects to life!  Futures+ had showcased both Shipwreck and Fractal Cult throughout the studio year, as we are constantly checking out F+ would like to do our part and support these students as they have almost reached their halfway point.  Check it out after the jump and support their kickstarter!

STUDENTS:  Georgia Collard-Watson & Thanasis Korras
Westminster University, London
PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
YEAR: 2013

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We always look forward to seeing what comes out Studio 10 at the Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment.  Dan Dodds Near Unison is an exploitative and playful design pavilion for the Burningman Festival, an extreme gathering of people in Nevada’s Black Rock Dessert to celebrate art, self-expression, and community.  Burningman’s crowds are an eccentric group, but this pavilion fits right in, as the pavilion acts not only as a destination point, resting area, but is also a gigantic pendulum to create sand art.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Dan Dodds 
 Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment
PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess
COURSE: Studio 10 –
YEAR: 2013

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29th November 2012 Cross-Crit –


It is that time of a year again when the late nights in studio and long hours modeling pay off, as most of you are walking into your final reviews and crits for the first half of the year.  We get a small glimpse into a recent cross-Crit in Diploma Studio 10 on, one of our favorite student/professor open run blogs to follow.  The studio is run by Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess at Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment.  The studio brief really shows an excitement to push and expose students and allow them to explore digital tools and natural structural systems outside of the norm.  A truly exciting studio, and the students work and shown excitement in their work and design makes it a must follow.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENTS: Emma Whitehead, Luka Kreze, Marilu Valente,
SCHOOL: Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment
CRITS: Jack Munro,Dusan Decermi, Toby Burgess,
Arthur Mamou-Mani and Anthony Boulanger.
COURSE: Diploma Studio 10
YEAR: 2012

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AFFECT AND SENSATION – Alejandro Vicente Soto

Design Research in Parametricism, Materality and Affect are the goals of studio DS:13 out of the University of Westminster led by Andrei Martin and Andrew Yau.  Out of this studio we are looking at ‘Affect and Sensation’ by Alejandro Soto, as he brings the Korean Bang to the underground frontier.  Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: University of Westminster in London
STUDENT: Alejandro Vicente Soto
PROFESSORS:  Andrei Martin and Andrew Yau.

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Student Olympic Pavilions – London Architecture Schools

The Olympics are starting at the end of the month and again we are finding more and more student designed pavilions to be showcased around London.  The pavilions are to be spread throughout the city, and are not designed as architectural feats, but as conversational pieces to passerbies.  So if you find yourself walking through London this summer, you may find some interesting projects constructed in some unlikely places outside of the Olympic Park.  Check them out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Bartlett School of ArchitectureLondon Met’s school of ArchitectureUniversity of Westminster
COURSE: Olympic Pavilions
YEAR: 2012

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Pinch Me Am I Dreaming – Burning Man – Megan Sadler

We all know that there is a lot that goes into the final design solution to a project.  And every once in awhile, its great to get a glimpse into that process of evolution, from idea, through development, to the final project.  Here’s a great photo set of the evolution of Megan’s project for a pavilion for Burning Man.  Check it out!

STUDENT: Megan Sadler
SCHOOL: Westminster University SoA
CLASS: Diploma 10

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Shape to Fabrication- Westminster University SoA

Check out this digital fabrication studio from the Diploma studio at Westminster University.   Done in a week, the project isn’t the most cleanly done, but still quite interesting.  We like the idea of using multiple teams to create one coherent project, although it still seems a bit disjointed.

SCHOOL: University of Westminster School of Architecture
CLASS: Shape to Fabrication Workshop
YEAR: Fall 2011
PROFESSOR: Rupert Maleczek, Sam Joyce / Al Fisher

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This architectural thesis really touches upon on the most common learning disabilities today, dyslexia, a common disorder that affects the brain‘s ability to receive and process information.  However when you have a learning disorder you learn tools quickly to help you to become able to understand and continue learning, much like I had to myself at a young age.  Andrew Green seems to have reached into his visual imagination to fuel his architectural understanding, where he used his disabilities visual connections to map the direction of his thesis.  Check it after the jump!    

SCHOOL: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology / Lincoln School of Architecture
STUDENT: Andrew K Green 
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Master of Architecture / BArch

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Quasi-Shadow Theatre – Jake Alsop

Who doesn’t want to go to Burning Man, and experience one of the trippiest festivals in the US?  Especially when you start integrating architectural pavilions among a community of people open to self-expression and exploring any and all artistic views.  The social interaction that could be observed would be amazing.  Especially when a design like this is being looked at and maneuvered by people who have sucked back a few disco bisques and are on a weeklong trip!  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Jake Alsop
PROFESSORS:  Toby Burgess &  Arthur Mamou-Mani 
SCHOOL: Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment
COURSE: Diploma Studio 10
YEAR: 2011

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