Shipwreck & Fractal Cult – Burning Man


Shipwreck and Fractal Cult have made the journey from the drawing boards of studio, a kickstarter for funding, and finally all the way across the pond to construction at Burning Man.  Watching this studio has been a amazing to watch from the outside, a rare glimpse into the studio life and culture of another architecture school.  Not only that the dedication from their teachers from design to realization is rather impressive. Check out the work after the jump and make sure to check out WeWantToLearn for this years studio!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson & Thanasis Korras
SCHOOL: Westminster University, London

PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
YEAR: Summer 2013

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Shipwreck & Fractal Cult – Burning Man Kickstarter


We have been on a bit of a summer break here at Futures+, but now we are back and coming at you with this hot Kickstarter out of the DS10 Studio at Westminster University School of Architecture.  Georgia Collard-Watson and Thanasis Korras projects were both selected to be built at the 2013 Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.  DS10 is now crowd sourcing on Kickstarter in order to bring these projects to life!  Futures+ had showcased both Shipwreck and Fractal Cult throughout the studio year, as we are constantly checking out F+ would like to do our part and support these students as they have almost reached their halfway point.  Check it out after the jump and support their kickstarter!

STUDENTS:  Georgia Collard-Watson & Thanasis Korras
Westminster University, London
PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
YEAR: 2013

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Shipwreck- Georgia Collard-Watson


With the warming weather here in the U.S. some of the most anticipated things are festivals!  Art festivals, music festivals, who-knows-what festivals, and then the most label-defying festival in the world, Burning Man.  A week in the desert, filled with some of the most eccentric people in the world.  This proposed small intervention acts as a gathering place, providing shade, light and places to lounge.  The project has actually won the Burning Man Art Grant and will be designed and built this summer.  Check out Georgia’s “Shipwreck” after the jump!

STUDENT: Georgia Collard-Watson
SCHOOL: Westminster School of Architecture & the Built Environment
PROFESSOR: Arthur Mamou-Mani & Toby Burgess
CLASS: Diploma Studio 10

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Pinch Me Am I Dreaming – Burning Man – Megan Sadler

We all know that there is a lot that goes into the final design solution to a project.  And every once in awhile, its great to get a glimpse into that process of evolution, from idea, through development, to the final project.  Here’s a great photo set of the evolution of Megan’s project for a pavilion for Burning Man.  Check it out!

STUDENT: Megan Sadler
SCHOOL: Westminster University SoA
CLASS: Diploma 10

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Flotation Power – Carolyn Olivia Butler

Check out today’s project, another crazy installation for Burning Man.  This pavilion uses the power of salt, powering lighting at night through the use of electrolytes, and salt water as a for of rejuvenation.  The pods act as flotation therapy chambers, with the salt being used to create water with a high salinity, making it easy to float.  More after the jump.

STUDENT: Carolyn Butler
Westminster University
COURSE: Diploma Studio 10

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