The Bowooss Bionic Inspired Research Pavilion – Saarland University

Nature is our best resource for finding the strongest and most complex structures in the world today.  Saarland University School of Architecture teamed up with research collaborative Bowoos to investigate a bionic inspired wooden shell structure.  The results are this highly digitally fabricated temporary pavilion.  As we continue to see projects like this popping up all over the place, we are beginning to wonder what is the next step for these design studies into digital fabrication, outside of creating temporary structures? Or are we changing bringing ornamentation into built construction? 

SCHOOL: Saarland University
RESEARCH GROUP: Bowoos –  Bionic inspired wooden shell structures.

“In architecture, the shell construction is particularly efficient, much exciting structures. The reaction of such buildings wood has been used rarely, although it, particularly given the increasing scarcity of resources and increasing demands has on CO2 and energy balance, advantageous properties.

The joint research project is intended to help BOWOOSS to reach using bionic approaches to transmission performance technical solutions in the construction of shells and wood in the market these durable and economical to implement.

The corridor study is focused on the development of sustainable, flexible and lightweight solutions for demontabler shells and Faltwerkkonstruktionsweisen of roofs with the renewable resource wood. Nature offers regarding the formation of lightweight solutions for shells a number of suggestions. The focus of the investigations are the shells of marine plankton, especially diatoms, whose biodiversity promises the discovery of entirely new design principles. Progress on the project will support the implementation of various study projects that address the form-finding of shells made of wooden materials and the cost of wood construction.

In the research approach for bionic inspired wooden bowls BOWOOSS to modern form finding and optimization methods (FO) method are used for the wooden shell design. This allows free-form design, which allows an improvement of classical closed form mathematically describable.” –

“The School of Architecture at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany, have lead a collaborative research project into bionic inspired wooden shell structures. They have designed and built a temporary pavilion, inspired by the material-efficient construction methods found in nature.”

All Images and text via: by Dave

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