Rough – Housing the Homeless in Westminster – Daniel Illum-Davis


The homeless liter the streets in every major city around the world, even with the aid of shelters to help them, most refuse to use them.  There are even heavily sophisticated subcultures of homeless cities found in abandoned subway tunnels and catacombs within city grids.  Daniel Illum-Davis project is free to be defined and used by the homeless, almost a structured public park, which through the folds provides shelter.  In reality normal housing isn’t always what people want, especially in the culture of rough sleepers, and best put by Daniel Quinn “Don’t try to drive the homeless into a place we find suitable. Help them survive in a place they find suitable”.  Check it out after jump!

STUDENT: Daniel Illum-Davis
 Aarhus School of Architecture
COURSE: Masters Degree Thesis Project

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“Based in London, England, the project revolves around creating a transitional accommodation and rehabilitation space for those sleeping rough in the Capital, helping them adjust at their own pace to a way of life away from the streets. Whilst shelters already exist for the homeless, many feel unable to inhabit them,feeling intimidated and un-represented, choosing to remain on the streets.

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This project takes inspiration from the temporary homeless street structures found in many cities across the world, outlining and using their spatial and aesthetically qualities to create ‘ recognizable architecture’ for the end user.


The resulting spaces, flow and order throughout the building are immediately detectable, manifesting itself as a personal and secure space for the homeless, blending the folded, protective wall with the light and weaving interior structure, where they can find their own sanctuary and peace within the blurred boundary between interior and exterior spaces.”


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2 thoughts on “Rough – Housing the Homeless in Westminster – Daniel Illum-Davis

  1. This project absolutely blew me away, both from the ideas to the thought processes to the final stunning images. It is so often an area that every city tries to hide or sweep under the carpet so to speak. Great work Daniel!!!!!

  2. hi, im an interior student from malaysia, currently having the last semester of my interior design journey, but i having some problem of the concept. My project is the Homeless Center, which is trying to helping those people who are jobless and leck of skill to gain back on their feet.
    Im stuck on the Concept of the building, firstly my concept of the building is “Flip It Back” , is it sound good or suitable for the homeless center? Actually the “flip” its just a synonym to describe the process from how the center help them .


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