Troldtekt Award 2012 – Matthias Kisch & Amy Linford

Today we are taking a look at the two innovative winners of the Troldtekt Award 2012, Matthias Kisch of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Amy Linford Newcastle University.   Both students looked at the product, and kept their innovative designs within the realm reality and simplicity, teetering on the verge of being trite.  Yet it is on that line that they danced with such simple movements creating such strong proposals.  We especially enjoy how Amy Linford approached the project by reinventing the product itself through deconstructing the product and creating a whole new form.  Check out the projects and video’s after the jump!

SCHOOL: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Newcastle University
STUDENTS: Matthias Kisch & Amy Linford
COMPETITION:  Troldtekt Award 2012
YEAR: 2012

“Matthias Kisch from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Amy Linford from Newcastle University have won first and special awards respectively in this year’s Troldtekt Award just announced. Architectural and design students from 23 countries entered the concept competition, submitting an extensive array of creative and original ideas about how Troldtekt’s traditional acoustic panels can be used.

The judges’ committee was unanimous in nominating Matthias Kirch from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as winner of the EUR 5,000 prize. His concept was for a flexible modular system of Troldtekt panels called ‘Acoustic Synecdoche’. To illustrate the idea’s potential, he created a floating sculpture – or acoustic cloud –designed to hang above a table, with the option of integrating lighting. By simply adding little joints he makes the material appear to fly. The idea is decorative yet at the same time very functional in terms of both acoustics and lighting.

The standard of the proposals was so high that the judges’ committee also awarded a Special Prize to Amy Linford from Newcastle University in the UK. Her ‘(Fabric)ated’ proposal conceived a new and unique Troldtekt panel with an irregular, wavy surface.
This involves a process of casting a panel with a structure inspired by the wood fibre which of course is the basis of the Troldtekt acoustic tile. The result has a beautiful texture, and is aesthetically appealing thanks to the imprecise and more organic look, where no two panels for ceilings or walls are the same. Amy Linford said ‘I am delighted to receive this award which was specially introduced because of my innovative idea.’

In addition to two Troldtekt employees, the judges’ committee was made up of three architects: Mikkel Frost, co-founder of CEBRA A/S Denmark, Danish architectural photographerHelene Høyer Mikkelsen as well as the German architect Jens Ludloff, who has his own architectural practice in Berlin. When assessing the proposals, the judges were unaware of both the nationalities and the names of the students behind the proposals.”

See the many exciting proposals and interviews with the judges and winners at

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