Re-inventing Shoes | UNITED NUDE Rem D Koolhaas Agenda | AAtelier Architectural Association School in Paris

-RemDKoolhaas Lecture and Cocktail Paris_905

When it comes to blending design, architecture, and high end fashion it is always worth checking out AAtelier is doing next.  AAtelier is teaming with United Nude Rem D Koolhaas Agenda and the Architectural Association School in Paris to kick off tomorrow’s workshop that will explore the future of footwear design.   Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: UNITED NUDE Rem D Koolhaas AgendaAAtelier
Architectural Association School
WORKSHOP: Re-inventing Shoes
YEAR: 2013

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Stockholm Library Interior – Olivier Charles, Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez

You think you have rendered enough when you click and wait 2 hours for one image?  Try doing that 1,000 times over and over again until you have the perfect image like Olivier Charles, Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez did for their ‘Wall of Knowledge’ design.  We know its a few years back but this amazing tutorial gives you a glimpse into the painstaking detail that goes into an image like this.  We highly suggest taking a studio break and following the link to the design tutorial!

STUDENT: Olivier Charles,  Armel Neouze, Jacques Gelez
Architecture School of Paris La Seine
COURSE: International Competition of Architecture
YEAR: 2009

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