Shape to Fabrication- Westminster University SoA

Check out this digital fabrication studio from the Diploma studio at Westminster University.   Done in a week, the project isn’t the most cleanly done, but still quite interesting.  We like the idea of using multiple teams to create one coherent project, although it still seems a bit disjointed.

SCHOOL: University of Westminster School of Architecture
CLASS: Shape to Fabrication Workshop
YEAR: Fall 2011
PROFESSOR: Rupert Maleczek, Sam Joyce / Al Fisher

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“A Clinic for the Exhausted” – Michael Spooner – AA


Although we are coming at you with an older project from the AA we can never bring ourselves to look away from Michael Spooner’s work.  The Jury said it  reeked “of last-century picaresque roman-a-clef tongue-in-cheek cockamamie self-indulgent absurdist magic-so-called-realism”, whatever that means.  However the imagery and language draw you into the project.  Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think about it!

SCHOOL: AA & Architecture Australia
STUDENTS: Michael Spooner
JURY: Shelley Penn, Peter Skinner, Anthony Burke, Justine Clark
YEAR: 2007

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Exuberant Cathedral for Vienna – Xin-yu Wan – Excessive Workshop


Today we are coming at you with an extreme design project by Xin-yu Wan at the Excessive Workshop, where the proposal is to replace St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna.  The project drives through the notion of what if the Art Nouveau broke the boundaries of ornamentation and into the realm of becoming the actual structure and makeup of the building.  This project looks like it is about to fly away, but is well worth checking out the imagery after the jump!

SCHOOL: The Institute of Architecture of Vienna
Xin-yu Wan
PROFESSORS:  Hernan Diaz-Alonso
COURSE: Excessive Workshop
YEAR: 2011

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Model a’la Experiment- Rasmus Svingel, Aarhus SoA

Today’s project is from Rasmus at the Aarhus SoA.  The project is a transformable space, that responds to contextual needs.  The model is quite intricate, and great to see a movie of, with it’s moving parts being transformed from one diagrammatic space to another.  

STUDENT: Rasmus Svingel
SCHOOL: Aarhus School of Architecture 

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Teletropolis – Kervin W Brisseaux – Syracuse SOA

A dark look at architecture and technology, as we look at another ongoing conversation between man versus the machine.  How we as man create because we can, we invent because we think, and design because of passion.  Kervin Brisseaux pushes the philosophical view that even though each generation has pushed technology to advance the global culture, at which point does technology then in turn regress human evolution.

SCHOOL:  Syracuse SOA
STUDENT: Kervin W Brisseaux
COURSE: ARC 500 – Practice Alternatives
YEAR: 2008

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Fluid Motions School – Cal Poly – Jie Liang

One of today’s most controversial and iconic architects of today, Frank Gehry, is constantly pushing for architecture in motion.  Can a physical building give the notion of movement or do we, as the designers/architects, like to think that architecture can have a mental impact on the user?  Jie Liang from Cal Poly pushes fluid motions through the design of this school, through the use of materials, spacing, and the juxtaposition of organizational program.  However he mentions the notions of “speed” and “fluid dynamics”, are they notions or can this actually be felt in today’s architecture?

SCHOOL: Cal Poly
Jie Liang
PROFESSOR: Thomas Fowler
COURSE: Third Year

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Some of you are currently working on your architectural thesis, while others are trying not to think about your nearing final year in school.  So we thought we’d mix it up a little today and bring to you a totally different style of approaching your thesis, done by four students from Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning.  This collaboration of students proposed a group thesis where they spent a year exploring the world of design fabrication and today’s modern fabrication equipment as a business platform.  And now a year out of school their company PROJECTiONE has joined the ranks of emerging architectural fabrications shops like THEVERYMANY and Bram Geenen.

SCHOOL:  Ball State University
STUDENTS: Adam BuenteKyle Perry,Elizabeth BooneEric Brockmeyer
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Canopy Design – Digital Architectural Lab

Computational design is always an interesting thing to see implemented in small scale designs, especially those at the human scale.  Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of a digital means of creation with the cruder physical world.  This project is a great example of that, a computationally designed bench and shade, done at the Digital Architectural Lab, sponsored by the Hunan University SoA.  The DAL is a workshop that brings together prominent architects in the computation field with students. This work done under the supervision of a few architects from Zaha Hadid’s office and UNstudio.

SCHOOL:  Hunan University,  Digital Architectural Lab
PROFESSORS: Biao Hu, Yu Du, Suryansh Chandra, Shuojiong Zhang  Continue reading