Exuberant Cathedral for Vienna – Xin-yu Wan – Excessive Workshop


Today we are coming at you with an extreme design project by Xin-yu Wan at the Excessive Workshop, where the proposal is to replace St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna.  The project drives through the notion of what if the Art Nouveau broke the boundaries of ornamentation and into the realm of becoming the actual structure and makeup of the building.  This project looks like it is about to fly away, but is well worth checking out the imagery after the jump!

SCHOOL: The Institute of Architecture of Vienna
Xin-yu Wan
PROFESSORS:  Hernan Diaz-Alonso
COURSE: Excessive Workshop
YEAR: 2011

“Xin-yu Wan unvieled a proposal  to replace St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna. The project was designed during the Excessive Workshop of Hernan Diaz-Alonso in The Institute of Architecture of Vienna  the overall concept is based on a fantasy about the architectural history of Vienna. That is to say: if Art Nouveau had had a greater influence and had lasted for a longer period in Vienna; if the articulated geometries not only work as ornaments or enclosure as is the case for the Secession, but also serves as real structure to hold the main parts of the building, what would a new cathedral be and what its sublime and magical effects.

This project is based on two kinds of elements and their respective mutations. The white elements, which combine to form both the soft curvilinear and the hard straight body. They are the main structure and first layer of the enclosure. The black elements are more of an organic nature and work as the second layer of enclosure on the outside and as floors inside. The contrast and transition between these elements give the project its unique character.

The circulations of the tourists and pilgrims are separated. At the same time, different interior space for these 2 groups of people are created. The main Nave is on the top of the building and a bigger entrance square is created for the ceremonys during the year. The program inside the nave stays within the range a classic gothic cathedral offers, but the way how people enter the space and how the vision and visual impression changes when people move inside the cathedral becomes much more dynamic.”

All text and Images via suckerpunchdaily.com

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