Surfer’s Retreat – Kacper Chmielewski

Check out this awesome project from Kacper, a surfer’s retreat on Venice Beach, CA.  Although for most of us the summer is almost a distant memory, we are loving this project, giving us day dreams of relaxing on a beach and surfing all day.  The energy and catalysts of wave, wind and ocean, influenced the design, giving it an ephemeral feeling.  We’d love to find a cheap hotel near an awesome surf spot that looked anything like this!

STUDENT: Kacper Chmielewski
SCHOOL: Bartlett School of Architecture
COURSE: 2nd Year – Unit 8
Year: 2012

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Urban Amphetamine- John Farrace

It’s no secret that we live a good part of our lives out through our online social connects; facebook, twitter, tumblr, they all create an online persona, disconnected from our real world selves.  This leads to people spending more and more time online, even when out in public, with the possibility of real, physical interaction.  John’s project seeks to disturb this, by creating a space that forces people to interact in the real world.

STUDENT: John Farrace
SCHOOL: University of Southern California
PROFESSORS: Alvin Huang & Kara Bartelt

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