Wifi Cold Spot- Ben Brady

We’re gonna take today to show a pretty sweet project, that aims to create a space very few can find lately in the world, a spot completely devoid of electronic interruption. Now, its starting to cool down, and the outdoor times are going to get fewer and far between, but our desire to just get out of the city and leave our computers and cell phones behind have us loving this idea.  A small space that you can enter, and get away from any outside electronic disturbance, no wifi, no 3G, 4G, 8G, nothing.  Check it out.

STUDENT: Ben Brady
COURSE: Thesis 
YEAR: 2012

“Here are some updated pictures of the wifi-cold spot, a installation I designed.  Wifi-cold spot is a moment of analog pause in a digitally charged space.

With the abundance of digital connectivity and invisible pressure, there is now a need to design spaces of disconnection.  These spaces cannot be simply the absence of connection, but rather the purposeful design and intent to disconnect.”

Check out the rest of Ben’s Thesis Proposal ‘Video Can’t Kill the Radio Star’ @ www.suckerpunchdaily.com


All text and images via Ben’s Blog

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