MADE TO MEASURE – Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso – University of Lund

We head back to the University of Lund to explore the work of “Made to Measure” by Haydar Alward and Mikael Pettersso in their exploration of a sports complex.  Their second place project is a truly rich and intriguing contained sports complex.  However for a first we actually have a professor’s response to their design proposal.   Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Lund, Sweeden
PROFESSORS: Prof. Abelardo Gonzalez, Prof. John Cramer, Prof. Morten Lund
STUDENTS:  Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso
COURSE: Schindler Award 2010
YEAR: 2010

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ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2010 – Stuttgart University

Today we head to Stuttgart University to check out a cross discipline designed research Pavilion, where students and professors from Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design and the Institute for Computational Design teamed up.  The pavilion is set in one of today’s concrete jungles and certainly brings all the life to the park through its investigation into computation design and today’s digital fabrication.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Stuttgart University – ICD & ITKE
Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design – Prof. Jan Knippers Institute for Computational Design – Prof. Achim Menges
STUDENTS: Student Team
YEAR: 2010

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Stadium Metaplasia – Christos Koukis – University of Patras

In most European countries the sport of Soccer has immersed itself into every facet of one’s everyday life and in this case the stadium has entwined itself into the very fabric of the city.  Christos Koukis’s ‘Stadium Metaplasia’ is an intriguing investigation into the scripting of architecture, where the control comes from an understanding and manipulating of computer code.  Check out more after the jump!  

SCHOOL: University of Patras
PROFESSORS: Vasilis Stroumpakos
STUDENTS: Christos Koukis
YEAR: 2011
COURSE: Thesis

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