Critical Shifts – Columbia University GSAPP


WHOAH it has been awhile, but Futures+ is back!  We have been crazy lately, but we are excited to get back to studio with Critical Shifts a student run symposium dedicated to exploring the ongoing transformations of critical practice in architecture.  It’s happening this Saturday April 5th at Studio-X in NYC.  Futures+ might even make an appearance to check it out, and we highly suggest if you are a student in the area to check it out!  All the details on this event are after the jump.

SCHOOL: GSAPP, Columbia University
EVENT: Interpretations: Critical Shifts
TIME: Saturday, April 5, 2014 1:00pm @ Studio-X NYC


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Beyond the Street – Mengyi Fan & Marc Moukarzel

Experiments in Motion is a research collaborative between Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in partnership with Audi of America exposing partis between motion, mobility and design.   and Marc Moukarzel challenge the notion of urban densification by layering the city’s streets in multiple axes.  NYC city takes on the look of “The Fifth Element”, as they challenge NYC’s Urban sprawl and push its grid vertical.  Through their case study they are challenged with the notion pedestrian foot traffic, the violence of vehicular traffic, and the expansion of the urban footprint.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENTs:  and Marc Moukarzel
Columbia University GSAPP & Audi of America
YEAR: 2012

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Sky Cave- Vernon Roether

We’re showing another project from Columbia’s Delancey Underground studio. This one from Vernon, acts as an underground space for meditation and solace. The project also works to connect the above-ground spaces and city infrastructure.  Check it out!   

STUDENT: Vernon Roether
YEAR: 2012

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gang(Green)- Kelsey Lents

We’ve seen a few pretty crazy urban interventions lately, like the Underground we showed a while back.  This project from Kelsey at Columbia uses the same setting, the Delancey trolley stop, to catalyze a new urban intervention, injecting green space into the urban fabric of NYC.

STUDENT: Kelsey Lents

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Public Housing Redux – John Becker & Yuval Borochov – GSAPP

Today we are taking a look at public housing projects that adds a gondola into the mix as a form of public/private transportation for the housing units.  The design of the building is in a constant state of flux, as the spaces can interchange between public greens, private (homes) space, and or leased out as transportation pods.  The project itself strives to not act as a transportation hub, but create a local networking hub of social interactions within a housing complex.  Check out more after the jump! 

SCHOOL: Columbia University
PROFESSORS: Michael Bell
STUDENTS: John Becker & Yuval Borochov
YEAR: 2008

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GSAPP End of the Year Show.

We got a chance yesterday to check out the GSAPP End of the Year Show at Columbia in NYC.  There was a lot of great work, and we applaud the students for it.  But with an ivy league education, you think someone would have realized their words are backwards.  Anyway check out a few pictures from the show after the jump.


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Polymorphic Bench- Fast Pace/Slow Pace Team 2, Columbia GSAPP

Polymorphic is a bench that fulfills multiple different functions, taking different forms, and also morphing to different arrangements of users.  It encourages interaction among people through the see-saw like design of each section.  It’s awesome, in terms of catalyzing social interaction away from things like Facebook and into our everyday life, but it seems like there could have been other ways to cooperate on the bench, besides who goes up and who goes down.  What do you think of the overall project?

STUDENTSCharlie Able, Alexis Burson, Ivy Chan, Jennifer Chang, Aaron Harris, Trevor
Hollyn-Taub, Brian Lee, Eliza Montgomery, Vernon Roether, and David Zhai
PROFESSOR: Brigette Borders and Mark Bearak
YEAR: Spring 2011
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