X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013


It summer time and classes are over!  FUTURES+ would like to bring to your attention X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013. X|Atelier is organizing three international intensive workshops of Advanced Architectural Design. The X|A Summer Workshops 2013 are led by X|A principals Erick Cárcamo (SCI-ARC) and Nefeli Chatzimina (USC) in collaboration with Sevgi Türkkan (ITU) all graduates of Columbia University in New York City. As part of an ongoing academic research, X|A workshops introduce participants into contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art.

FIRM: X|Atelier
Hellenic Institute of Architecture &
Istanbul Technical University and Yapi-Endustri Merkezi
PROFESSORS: Erick Cárcamo, Nefeli Chatzimina, and Sevgi Türkkan
COURSE: X|A workshops
YEAR: Summer 2013 – [APPLY HERE]

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Urban Amphetamine- John Farrace

It’s no secret that we live a good part of our lives out through our online social connects; facebook, twitter, tumblr, they all create an online persona, disconnected from our real world selves.  This leads to people spending more and more time online, even when out in public, with the possibility of real, physical interaction.  John’s project seeks to disturb this, by creating a space that forces people to interact in the real world.

STUDENT: John Farrace
SCHOOL: University of Southern California
PROFESSORS: Alvin Huang & Kara Bartelt

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EMBT: Enric Miralles – Benedetta Tagliabue – Agustín Cepeda

We came across The ISSUE: Collective a student run blog out the UT – Austin School of Architecture, which had an amazing section where students talk about their internship experiences with some of the top design firms around the world.  From Herzog & de Meuron, Jean Nouvel, Olson Kundig Architects and lastly the one we decided to give you a peak of today of EMBT by Agustin Cepeda.  Their tales are something all young designers can relate to, even my own internship at THEVERMYMANY is coming to the end.  We urge you to follow the link and check out the rest of the interns experiences. 

SCHOOL:   STUDENT: Agustín Cepeda – BArch 2012
FIRM: Enric Miralles – Benedetta Tagliabue | EMBT
SITE: theissuecollective.com

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Hilltop Middle School – Adam Rude – UCLA

We all remember how boring school could be, especially if your hallways were just repetitions of lockers and doors, lockers and doors.  Well UCLA student Adam tried to create a school environment that actively engages the students, and creates a place that kids actually want to be in.  Check out his topographically informed, multi-layered middle school.

STUDENT: Adam Rude
PROFESSOR: Ben Refuerzo
CLASS: M. Arch I
YEAR: Winter 2012

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Lilla Råby – Anahita Nahoomi, Lina Davidsson, Miranda Westfelt and Robert Janson

Check out this urban development for Lund, by a few students at Lund University.  The project proposes the reinvigoration of the urban area by reusing older buildings, removing unused ones, as well as adding some new buildings, aimed at encouraging activity and removing barriers.  Take a look at the rest of the project.

STUDENTS: Anahita Nahoomi, Lina Davidsson, Miranda Westfelt and Robert Janson
SCHOOL: Lund University

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School for Darfurian Refugees: Building as a Teaching Tool – Artur Nesterenko – Woodbury University

When you really look at architecture in its most basic need, you must be able to design from the resources that surround you and within the limitations of human craft.  Escaping the world modern technology, you can find the most amazing and well designed projects.  The design process then becomes about the buildings architectural design of form and function and the understanding true sustainable design.

SCHOOL: Woodbury University School of Architecture
STUDENT: Artur Nesterenko
TEACHER: Jeanine Centuori
COURSE: Comprehensive Studio – 2011

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