Alloplastic Architecture – Behnaz Farahi


The reality is that the technology we use today is constantly learning and catering to our needs, and learning and responding to us.   Apple collects endless amounts of data every time you use your iphone, but what about our surroundings what if they learned and changed to how we live?  Behnaz Farahi work at the University of Southern California challenged how a surface can interact and adapt to the way we inhabit space.  The surface begins to shift and bend as the inhabitant moves around and away from the surface. The project uses kinetic motion sensors to react to the location of the inhabitant, but what if that structure adapted to our daily routines?  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Behnaz Farahi
University of Southern California
YEAR: 2013

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Urban Amphetamine- John Farrace

It’s no secret that we live a good part of our lives out through our online social connects; facebook, twitter, tumblr, they all create an online persona, disconnected from our real world selves.  This leads to people spending more and more time online, even when out in public, with the possibility of real, physical interaction.  John’s project seeks to disturb this, by creating a space that forces people to interact in the real world.

STUDENT: John Farrace
SCHOOL: University of Southern California
PROFESSORS: Alvin Huang & Kara Bartelt

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