Ichneumonid – Herwig Scherabon

Everybody wants to re-use space, instead of completely starting from scratch to redesign the urban fabrics in which shape our cities today.  However there is practical way of looking at this issue, and then there is the totally radical way.  Herwig Scherabon certainly went off the deep end in this out there approach to growing buildings from the inside out.  The imaginative design approach and language from the drawings to his study models, captures his imaginative initiative and approach to architecture.  The project dips into biomimicry, fantasy, and really pushes how we can redevelop and look at architecture as a built form.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT:  Herwig Scherabon
University of Technology
PROFESSORS: Manfred Berthold 

“Ichneumonid is a project about species mutation and insect morphology as an approach to architectural typology. It deals with the deconstruction and subversion of remnants from second world war.The design is based on insectoid aesthetics and entomological analysis of ichneumonidae, a parasitic wasp that affects its host by seeding eggs into the hosts body. The worms, that enclose from the eggs, break through the hosts skin and pupate on it. The architectural equivalent would be a parasitic building that grows from the inside of an existing building. 

The “eggs” are a set of industrial robots which produce the prefab elements that are used for growth. The “host,” in this case, is an old silo at an abandoned harbor in Vienna that was built during Third Reich. The parasite subversively infiltrates this piece of shady history, deconstructs it and adds a new component or function to it.”

                                                                                                              -Herwig Scherabon

Check out the rest of Herwig’s work at http://scherabon.com/!

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