Manta – SmartGeometry 2012

It only takes a quick glance to figure out how this project got the name MANTA, at this year’s Smartgeometry, held at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute.  A conference focused on challenging the innate order of how we perceive architecture.  Smartgeometry opens architects and designers eyes to looking at architecture at molecular levels, instead of bounding ourselves with services and walls, but looking at light, vibrations, and water vapor to create good design.  Check out what team Manta  created after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
TEAM: Guillermo Bernal, Seth Edwards, , Zackery Belanger
COURSE: SmartGeometry 2012 
STUDENTS:  Sarah Goldfarb, James Wisniewski, Daniel Hambleton, Varvara Toulkeridou, Ben Schneiderman, Olia Fomina, Christoffer Marsvik

“Imagine the design space of architecture was no longer at the scale of rooms, walls and atria, but that of cells, grains and vapour droplets. Rather than the flow of people, services, or construction schedules, the focus becomes the flow of light, vapour, molecular vibrations and growth schedules: design from the inside out.

The sg2012 challenge, Material Intensities, is intended to dissolve our notion of the built environment as inert constructions enclosing physically sealed spaces. Spaces and boundaries are abundant with vibration, fluctuating intensities, shifting gradients and flows. The materials that define them are in a continual state of becoming: a dance of energy and information.”

Manta, was recently created as a result our workshop at the SmartGeometry 2012 Conference in Troy NY

Manta is an interdisciplinary project that required expertise in architecture, fabrication, interactive technology, and acoustics. Our goal was to create a surface that changes its form – and therefore acoustic character – in response to multi-modal input including sound, stereoscopic vision, multi-touch, and brainwaves. The installation was built in Studio 1 at EMPAC, which is an acoustically inert space, so we were able to audibly perceive how geometry affects sound in real time.”

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Submitted by Guillermo Bernal 

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