Sea Change – Edge of the sea – Dalia Munenzon

The water’s edge is an area we have come to find all too recently is an area that needs to be developed and approached delicately and with smart design, as NYC is still recovering from recent floods and even Rome is dealing with recent high waters.  However project deals with the city of Ashdod and its overlapping edge between the city and the sea front.  The city’s water edge has not been defined.  The design takes an intriguing approach with an understanding of the rising water and changing sand dunes to design a water front that is adaptable with nature.  Check it out after the jump.

Israel Institute of technology
PROFESSORS:  Els verbakel

Ashdod water front- graduation project from Dalia Munenzon on Vimeo.

“The project deals with the city of Ashdod and its overlapping points with the natural edges correspondingly to changes and urban development along time. The space between city and sea remains outside the city grid, its edges determined by overlapping the sea, ground and city. The weaknesses of the edge as a space empty of urban activity, allows to develop temporary “off grid” events which mediate between city and nature.

Acupunctured organization of the waterfront with different scaled public spaces enables a variety of impermanent activities. The new system principals are based on natural elements sand, water and vegetation; The unique landscape defines the planning conditions and reflects its morphology and consistency.

The infrastructure system must react to uncertainty, while limiting the possibilities the site can handle. The project develops a local & regional program and open and building types which can handle changes such as rising water level and sand dune movement. The suggestion include 3 key points where each Infrastructure encore point responds to a different space.”
– Dalia Munenzon

Check out more of the project and Dalia amazing work on this projecta at:

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