Islamic Cultural Center – Yusuf Onder – Academy of Art University San Francisco

As we move into the future the culture of religion and its place within the fabric of modern society has been greatly tossed around.  How does a religion open its doors to outsiders, and become more of a cultural center to educate rather than a polarized entity within the fabric of our cities and towns?  Yusuf Onder’s thesis encapsulates these notions with his design of an Islamic Cultural Center within the city streets of San Francisco.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Academy of Art University San Francisco
STUDENT: Yusuf Onder
COURSE:  Final Thesis Project
YEAR: Fall 2011

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Augmented Reality Pavilion- Yao Gao, Academy of Art University

Here’s a project from the left coast, Yao Gao at the Academy of Art University.  A pavilion that deals with the integration of the real, virtual, and the augmented reality that occurs from the intersection of the two.  Although a very interesting problem, we feel the project misses the mark a little bit, instead becoming about the form, instead of function.  This seems to be a common thing when the process creates a sinuous, scripted form; they seem to focus more on form than function, and since we’re suckers for Louis Sullivan and the ethos of modernism “Form follows function.”  Nonetheless, the project is quite intriguing, so check it out.

SCHOOL: Academy of Art University

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Cultural House of Jazz – Sura Pattanapanitchakul

It’s a new year and we are coming at you with an amazing M. Arch Thesis proposal by Sura Pattanapanitchakul of the Academy of Art University. The proposal is to showcase how architecture can act as a delicate instrument to play within the nature of the site.  The project is as soulful as the jazz music it houses, a truly amazing thesis proposal and well worth checking out after the jump.

SCHOOL:Academy of Art University
STUDENTS: Surasuk Pattanapanitchakul
COURSE: Thesis Proposal for M.Arch
YEAR: 2011

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Office Space- Academy of Art University Studio

Check out today’s project, a design/build studio from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  The project was conceived when the professors friend came to them about buying a prefabricated structure to use as a home office space.  The professors realized that this would be a perfect scenario for a design/build studio, and the friend allowed them to use it as their semester studio.  The final project eventually won a citation from the AIA East Bay.
STUDENTS: Justin Ackerman, Mary Telling, Justin Hanan, Shaum Mehra and Shanay Moghbel
PROFESSORS: Greg Upwall, Jennifer Asselstine
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