Bicycle Commuter Pavilion – Jeffrey Sargis

Today F+ takes it to streets of Boston with young designer Jeffrey Stargis, with his bicycle commuter pavilion.  Stepping away from the standard design of throwing bike racks at the front door, he has integrated the bikes into the fenestration of the entrance.  We have all been mesmerized by shadows casted by a spinning wheel, or the sun dancing off wheel frame, now imagine sipping your coffee amidst a sea of spinning wheels as the shadows and light reflect and flood into the pavilion.   Check it!

STUDENT: Jeffrey Stargis
SCHOOL: Wentworth
PROFESSOR: Michael MacPhail
STUDIO:  Tectonics Studio
YEAR: 2008

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Black Box – Kyd Kitchaiya

This week we are kicking it off with a project from SCI-ARC by Kyd Kitchaiya, as we check out Black Box.  The project looks straight out of “Tron”, and maybe with good reason, as it designed to be a museum about energy.  The project at first glance goes right against green design in a hot climate with a black facade, but with good reason.  Check it out and find out why!

STUDENT: Kyd Kitchaiya
YEAR: 2009

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Beijing House II – Yaohua Wang

Today we head back to SCI-Arc to showcase this spaceship?  Or maybe some sick speakers? Or none of the above as Yaohua Wang won best thesis in 2010 with this proposal to bring back the independent housing typology to Beijing.  A beautifully articulated design proposal to have these pods branching off of an obsolete factory building.  However whether it is a home or a future space ship, it is well worth checking out as we head into the weekend! 

SCHOOL: Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
STUDENTS: Yaohua Wang
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Thesis

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SCI-Arc Student Work Show – Spring 2011

Today we’re gonna share a whole variety of great models with you from students at SCI-Arc.  A series of photos from the SCI-Arc 2011 Spring Semester show.  There are no words, just amazingly intricate, inspiring and crazy models.  Check em out.

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Synthetic Gardens- Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons and Daniel Norell

Check out this wonderfully done project from a few students at UCLA.  All though a few years old, the project just won the annual archive competition from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.  Creating a public greenhouse, the project activates the hillside to create a public space that functions at multiple levels.

STUDENTS: Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons & Daniel Norell
SCHOOL: University of California, Los Angeles
YEAR: 2006
CLASS: Advanced Topics Studio
PROFESSOR:  Jason Payne

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Cultural Campus Egypt – Kadri Kerge, Jelena Vukmirovic, and Melanie Kotz

Earlier this week we happened across Kadri Kerge and sister Marsi Kerge architectural/life blogs, as they are young creative designers from Estonia.  Then we came across this collaborative student project done at the University of Applied Arts Vienna that happened to be done by Kadri Kerge, Jelena Vukmirovic, and Melanie Kotz.  A design put into the extremes of Cairo, that is proposed to be a self-contained and energy efficient sustainable campus. Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Applied Arts Vienna
STUDENTS: Kadri Kerge, Jelena Vukmirovic, and Melanie Kotz
YEAR: 2011

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M-Box – Meeting of European Design Students (MEDS)

Today at F+ we are coming at you with a movement that is happening between young design professionals in Europe.  The workshop is called MEDS, which stands for Meeting of European Design Students, and came about as a way to bring together all different kinds of design disciplines and designers from across the map.  These workshops spark inspirations in their quick design charrettes, much like today’s post m-box.  Check it out after the jump!


WORKSHOP:  Meeting of European Design Students (MEDS)
PROJECT MANAGERS:  Gheorghe Mădălin, Tania Ignat & Oben ışın
WORKSHOP TEAM: Dino Elva, Irfan Hadziomerovic, Senad Alibegovic, Vladimír Hain, Esme Brooker, Joel Trotter, Tomáš Hanto Hanáček, Camilla Andersen, Jana Šmuhařová, Kaja  
YEAR: 2011


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Wood Pavillion by Wing Yi Hui + Lap Ming Wong

We head into the weekend here at F+ with an intrinsic investigation into the creation of a light wood pavilion by Wing Yi Hui and Lap Ming Wong of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.  Through their investigation of understanding the behavior of wood through bending and manipulation, resulted in an elegant structural lattice pavilion.  Although the final piece is rather intriguing, it simple movement begins to govern and control the direction and growth of the surface.  It would be interesting to see the project at a even larger scale and different context.  Let us know what you think after the jump!

SCHOOL: Oslo School of Architecture and Design
STUDENT: Wing Yi Hui & Lap Ming Wong
PROFESSORS: Prof. Michael U. Hensel, Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel and Prof. Dr. Birger R. Sevaldson
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Performance-oriented design studio

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