Trimo Urban Crash Competition Winner 2009 – Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola

Here’s an oldie, but we think it’s pretty dope, and haven’t seen it around before.  This is the winner of the 2009 Trimo Urban Crash competition.  Created to be a multi-function space and cultural stage.  The sculptural form shows a relation to context and “creation of a subject, instead of object.”  Take a look.

STUDENTS: Jan Ledwon & Alicja Chola

Trimo today (back in 2009) announced that the winners of the Trimo Urban Crash international competition for students of architecture are Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola from Poland. With 564 public votes (from visitors to the Trimo Urban Crash website) and a unanimous decision by the expert jury, their proposal for a cultural stage has been chosen for realization in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. The second and third place awards go to Slovenian and Italian architecture students. The opening event will take place in Metelkova mesto during the biennial Trimo architecture days between June 4 and 6, 2009.


The winning solution for a cultural stage is a sculpture-like form, a unity without a defined beginning and end that can be crafted by folding one virtual piece of paper – like an origami. The surface is white but indicates that it can be covered with graffiti after a period of time, integrating it into its surrounding even better.

From the project description: ‘What is a stage? After looking into information about Metelkova mesto, we decided to create a site for cultural events. The location itself is stimulating and when one looks at it, it is clear that this place is meant for gatherings -’cultural, official or non-official, planned or accidental.’

Miloš Florijančič, competition curator, architect and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, explained the jury was looking for a “subject” rather than an object, evaluating corresponding content, relation to place, adequate body, flashing, and technical and safety criteria. At the end of the competition he added: ‘We found ‘the white dancer’, which closely corresponded to the criteria and challenges its surroundings with its non-color. We decided it was the best project. From here on nothing is fixed, the second part of the competition is open, and the question is – in what way will the location absorb its new member?’

From the project description: ‘However, when thinking about stage, we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to the idea of a podium, walls and roof, but craved for a sculpture-like form, which is a unity, does not have the beginning nor the end It is a result of ‘folding’ one virtual piece The form is not unnecessarily complicated and the impression of stage is not apparent (but is convenient for concerts, shows and other events). Thanks to that, even after the event, does not look abandoned or odd.’


All text via Archicentral; images via Bustler

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