A Cultural Interchange – University of Nottingham – Ji Soo Han

A look at the place of computational design in the process of form creation. Ji Soo Han uses multiple mathematical formulas to create the form of this project.  Does this process of creation (identifying variables, running some scripts, taking produced form and creating enclosure) marginalize the role of an architect in the design process?

SCHOOL:   University of Nottingham
COURSE: 5th Year
YEAR: 2010

International Food Market

Exhibition Atrium

The proposal was to create a new social infrastructure in Canning Circus, Nottingham, where people interact and experience other cultures. With the aid of Grasshopper I conducted a series of parametric study on people’s movement and interaction on site using attraction and repulsion values.

Aerial View & Program Concept

Section through Exhibition & Market Entrance

Forces of attraction and repulsion defined geometry formation such as Voronoi and Delaunay triangulation on site. Voronoi geometry identified personal territory and Delaunay triangulation interpreted as interaction/connectivity.


Facade Structure Detail

Facade Structure Detail

Facade Structure Detail

Geometric pattern varied in density and governed spatial planning for the building. The formation of Delaunay triangulation to define spaces was a static render of people’s inter-relation with their surrounding events.

Shop Detail

Facade Design Workshop

Investigation in digital methodologies and the implication of digital technologies for fabrication have informed design development. Digital tools such as Space Syntax and parametric modelling software known as Grasshopper were explored as an analytical and logic based form-finding tool in both 2D and 3D form developments.

Detail Prototype

Check out the rest of Ji Soo Han creative works on his personal website as they are equally intriguing.

All text and images via Ji Soo Han

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