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As architects and designers we tend to stray into every field of exploration, which is proven by the diverse portfolio of Brian Harms.  A strong interest in digital fabrication and forward thinking design drew F+ to his work.  The V-Dress, or voronoi dress, is a cross pollination of architecture, fashion, and digital production.  We have touched about upon this topic before, as it seems to have become a growing trend with digital fabrication bridging into high fashion.  The V-Dress modular unit that hides the body plays with provocative nature of veiling and revealing the human body.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Brian Harms

Dress Form 29

“The V-Dress (or voronoi dress) is a fashion and fabrication experiment that deals with such issues as 3D scanning / imaging, variable corporeal exposure, digital fabrication and advanced robotics.


The idea was spawned from a previous project (Voronoi lamp) when a colleague of mine (a fashion designer) wanted to create a dress in the same vein as the lamp. To push the former project and process into a new realm, I began to experiment with other methods of fabrication that would differentiate this project in many ways.


The result is a provocative garment that takes advantage of complex six-axis cooperative robot milling paths to create molds unique to the user’s body in order to create a monocoque dress form (as opposed to the piecemeal construct of the previous voronoi project). The dress would create a gradient of exposure from fully covered, to partially unveiled, to fully revealed.”

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