Deep Futures – Johan Tali

Deep Futures studio is an exploration into the future of cities and how we as humans will begin to interact, move, play and use technology.  The Studio challenges the normative of formal cities in high density locations, as Johan Tali approaches Arunachal Pradesh, on the boarder of India and China, in the Foothills of the Himalayas.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Johan Tali
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Train link at C_9-1 : hyper density.
Location _ Arunachal Pradesh / Boarder of India and China on the Foothills of the Himalayas

“The task was to deal with the hyperdense central area of the Water City, one of specialized high-density sub-cities of Silk City. The Train station is spread into different links that cluster on the central cores inherited from the masterplan of the Watercity. The urban masses form focal points around designated cores and sweep into connections to neighboring core masses. The shells of the urban masses have a strong surface quality on the outside, forming an urban mirroring device that creates a visual link between different focal points. In the insides of the shells, the walkways attach to the central core which houses the main vertical circulation between the various focal points and the public water surface, that houses main public recreational and leisure spaces.

The program ranges from collaborative to commercial public spaces, serving all the needs of a nomadic lifestyle of the high-end migrant workers that will be the main inhabitants of this knowledge based economy. The focused shell structure and its three dimensional courtyard system is used to achieve clusters of high importance and protective enclosure. The “courtyards” formed by the interlocking shells multiply the public focal space which in other contemporary schemes is mostly perceived only on the street level – radically changing the relationship in real-estate pricing and gentrification – which is problably the biggest economical problem for contemporary urban conditions.”

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