NIGHTVISION – Luke Shepard

To some of you the name Luke Shepard might be familiar, as his time-lapse video, Le Flaneur, went viral last year.  It was a stunning glimpse into the architectural night life of Paris, the buildings and monuments truly come to life.  Luke Shepard is a student at the American University of Paris, and now has plans to take his time-lapse technique to a new level on his next project.  He is currently crowd sourcing funds on Kickstarter to bring NIGHTVISION to reality, as Luke plans to shoot all over Europe.  Check out his video Le Flaneur and follow the links to his new Kickstarter after the jump!

STUDENT: Luke Shepard
American University of Paris

NIGHTVISION is a short film set after dark that will explore the prominent buildings, monuments, and landmarks across Europe from a purely visual perspective. Through motion timelapse, the viewer will be taken on a journey country to country, witnessing structures in a way they have never seen before.

Why at night?

I have made the decision to shoot the entire project after dark as the sequences at night posses aesthetic qualities that present the architecture from a more surreal and unfamiliar perspective. In addition, greater contrast exists between the sky and the structure, allowing the viewer to focus on the brilliance of the architecture more so than the passage of time. The absence of people around the structures late in the night provide the surreal atmosphere that allows the viewer to feel as though they have these well-known landmarks all to themselves.”

Le Flâneur (music by The XX) from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.


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