Columbia Center for Competitive Rowing- Gillian Shaffer & Justin Hattendor, Pratt

Check out this sweet boathouse from Gillian and Justin from Pratt.  Created to celebrate racing as well as provide space for administrative functions and training, the building is created through intersecting arches.  Check it out!

STUDENTS: Gillian Shaffer & Justin Hattendor
SCHOOL:  Pratt Institute

“Simultaneously, the intent of the boathouse was to celebrate the scale of the racing shell, using a strand logic to vault the span of the coxless eight, much like the ribbing techniques both in traditional boat making and the micro scale of a more contemporary fiber weave. Moments of sudden expansion, or spatial rupture, of ETFE bubbles speckle the community program to form pauses for spectators, focused team space, or multi-purpose gatherings.

The plunge of administrative skylight bubbles are formed at the intersection of arched two-way vaults, putting man at the center of the platonic sphere for comparative difference in affect- the scale of man in relation to space and the scale of man in relation to the boat. Meanwhile, the “belly of the whale” sectional affect further elaborates the difference necessary for the intended correlation and sensational phenomena between the object and the site. Flux of the rowing team training facilities, community classrooms, café/video lounge, and boat repair hobby center enhance the accessibility of the public to make use of the event in experience of the bloating object and the plunge of rupturing “raspberry” bubbles.”

All Text and Images from SuckerPunch

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