Adaptive Geometric Integration- Donlaporn Chanachai

Check out this quick sweet study project from Donlaporn, at the Staedelschule Architecture Class.  Based on interlocking topologies and tetrahedra, the forms create self organizing, structural assembly to be used in a larger project.

STUDENT: Donlaporn Chanachai
SCHOOL: Staedelschule Architecture Class
PROFESSORS: ,Oliver Tessman

“The project is approached by the analysis of a solid structure -topological interlocking- and lightweight system -tetrahedral kites- with a special interest in axis-transition.The found system takes advantage of the interface between each module as it is deployed.

It anticipates its behavior to correct the structural stability considered as the specific requirement of directionality and response to the range of environmental context. The orientation of each module becomes instrumental in modulating the structural capacity for the overall system.

The project sets out a logic that will guide the performance of the architectural proposal which is located at Pointe de la Jonction, Geneva. The site is an area of a dynamics flux where two river confluence. It encourages various types of fluid control and provides the integration between the solid and dynamic structure. It performs harmoniously to inform human habitation and natural dynamics.”

– Donlaporn Chanachai

Futures+ Orginal
Submission by Donlaporn Chanachai

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