Ecological Research and Algae Monitoring Facility – Christopher Christophi

Today we have a project trying to use Venice’s unique setting to its advantage, reminds us of last year’s work by BAM! Studio.  The project tapes into Venice’s ever growing problem of of benevolent invasive macro algae growth.  The proposed design is to create a facility for the new proposed biodiesel facilities to utilize the algae growth has a natural source of fuel to create energy for parts of Venice. 

SCHOOL: Leicester School of Architecture, DMU
STUDENT: Christopher Christophi 
YEAR: 2011

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Bricole-age – Seth Denizen, University of Virginia

Here’s a project from Seth at University of Virginia, that is pretty abnormal in architecture projects.  The project deals with something you don’t normally notice, or interact with.  Instead, it’s a new idea for the constant replacement of bricole (wooden posts) that mark Venice’s canals.  Designed to use left over bottles from everyone’s favorite Italian drink, wine!  

STUDENT: Seth Denizen
SCHOOL: University of Virginia
PROFESSOR: Jorg Sieweke
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