Fabricating Grounds: Ice Shelter Installation – Koepcke + Prado

We are heading back to the Harvard to check out a temporary structure designed by Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado.  This takes building an igloo to the next level, instead of shoveling together heavy blocks of snow, these GSD students used a little parametric modeling, some digital fabrication, and a lot of ingenuity to design and construct this project. Nine hours of construction and 92 unique panels of 3 mil plastic sheeting and some double-sided polyester tape and you check out what happen next after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Harvard Graduate School of Design 
STUDENTS: Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado
YEAR: 2012

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Black Tower – Konrad Basan

Today we are coming at you with a compelling parametric thesis by Konrad Basan that delves into the realm of today’s modern algorithmic and parametric design mythologies.  The “Black Tower’s” design is not only technologically driven, but the imagery of his final thesis book shows amazing craft and is so graphically intriguing.  Truly a thesis book we would love to get our hands on at F+!  Make sure to check out the rest of Konrad’s work after the jump!

SCHOOL: Politechnika Sląska Wydział Architektury
STUDENTS: Konrad Basan
YEAR: 2012
COURSE: Thesis

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Art615 Pavilion – Aalborg University students

It has been a pavilion kind of week!  Art615 project was conceived and built by the students of Aalborg University, DK during their 4 week workshop program: Social Technologies 2010 at the Department of Architecture & Design.  In collaboration with Dolle Trapper the students had 4 weeks to master and design a project utilizing CNC fabrication techniques and parametric modeling.  The intention was to create a pavilion to be installed in a high crime park, to draw attention from the unsafe park and bring a feeling of a safer environment for visitors.

SCHOOL: Aalborg University
STUDENTS: Senad Gvozden, Bjarke Mejnertsen, Kenneth Rytter, Bjarke Apollo, Jacob Hilmer, Dennis Jensen
LOCATION: Aalborg, Denmark 

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