Newsprint Museum – Boston Herald Media complex – Aidan Lindh

Just yesterday we saw the release of the 3rd generation of the iPad the modern day replacement for today’s newspaper.  It’s in the last 10 years or so that we are beginning to see the effects of technology on the world of print and news.  However have we reached the breaking point where printing the daily newspaper has become nostalgic?  Aidan’s thesis plays on this concept of how to recreate the Boston Herald, so that it can adapt and reuse its space to become a mix-media mogul.  Yet the real question is print really dead to the point where we will move to solely digital form? Because I know I have old files on hard disks that I can no longer access, so is technology really the safe bet? Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Wentworth Institute of Technology
STUDENT: Aidan Lindh
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Thesis

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Studio Chair Sculptures – Ryan Philbin & Jesse BN

When you shove hundreds of creative people in one building with endless supplies, no supervision, and no sleep you get a studio culture unlike any other.  We at F+ will be the first to admit that being in studio too long is enough to drive anybody a little crazy.  However it seems at Wentworth they have come up with a creative solution to get some energy out with these static chair sculptures.  Check them out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Wentworth Institute of Technology 
STUDENTS: Ryan Philbin &Jesse BN
YEAR: 2010

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Bicycle Commuter Pavilion – Jeffrey Sargis

Today F+ takes it to streets of Boston with young designer Jeffrey Stargis, with his bicycle commuter pavilion.  Stepping away from the standard design of throwing bike racks at the front door, he has integrated the bikes into the fenestration of the entrance.  We have all been mesmerized by shadows casted by a spinning wheel, or the sun dancing off wheel frame, now imagine sipping your coffee amidst a sea of spinning wheels as the shadows and light reflect and flood into the pavilion.   Check it!

STUDENT: Jeffrey Stargis
SCHOOL: Wentworth
PROFESSOR: Michael MacPhail
STUDIO:  Tectonics Studio
YEAR: 2008

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Spatially Embodying an Ethnic Minority-Host Society Relationship: A Cultural Portal in Watertown, MA – Nicholas Greene

Today, we head back to Wentworth, to check out Nicholas’ project for a “cultural portal” in Massachusetts.  Nicholas creates a solution for how architecture can be used as a vehicle for creating and defining a cultural identity, as opposed to resorting to simply copying the predominant architecture of those people.  The building creates a vehicle for the Armenian population of Watertown, MA that allows the Armenian population of the area to celebrate it’s own cultural identity, but at the same time integrate into the areas deep grained American culture.

STUDENT: Nicholas Greene
  Wentworth institute of Technology
PROFESSOR:  Bruce Macnelly
YEAR:  Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
COURSE:  Thesis
PROGRAMS USED:  AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit Architecture, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4

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Oceanagraphic Research Facility – Steven Gminski, Wentworth

Today’s project is an oceanographic research facility, designed by Stephen Gminski at Wentworth.  The project aims to create a link between the sea and the land, allowing visitors to enter the realm of the water, through educational programs within the research facility, located in the middle of Boston Harbor.

: East Boston
SCHOOL: Wentworth Institute of Technology
YEAR: 5th year Design Studio

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